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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Here is one horror that needs to be advertised to the voting majority...the Skynet Tax Collection System. 

According to the article linked below, the Italian Government estimates that 20% of individuals spend more than they earn. Consequently, they are developing software that will compare each individual's income with his expenses. The plan is to find these potential evaders and tax them on money that is not being declared.

Talk about a nightmare!

The first nightmare will be each citizen's cost to document and justify every penny spent. Then there is the added expense and complication of tax investigators and courts. And, of course, the anticipated new anti-privacy laws that will define acceptable and unacceptable bank transfers and how they might be related to expenses.

As bad as Italy may seem, America is much worse.

We already have the technology along with IRS personnel who are experienced in complex accounting systems.  It wouldn't take much to pass a law that joins Italy in their intention to drag their economy down to nothing. 

And the shameful part of all this is that they are trying to base their taxes on a relationship between income and expenses, something that Fair Tax can do more efficiently - and without the complicated tyranny that seems to be the trademark of a bloated government.



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Just one more reason we need to get the FairTax Act passed as soon as possible. Thank for posting this Gene.


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