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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

We need a new name for what we were refering to as Storm The Hill, April 15, 2010

It seems to concern some that the name may get us put in gitmo! ;o)
OK, anyone have any ideas?

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What battle and against whom?

This is exactly what we'll be doing: When she took the microphone, Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-Ohio) pointed to the three House office buildings across Independence Avenue from the rally.
"I invite you, when the rally's over, to travel in those halls, look at the walls, find your (member) and walk in," she said. "Let them know how you feel about this bill."

I say "Storm the Hill 2" and if there is enough of a tempertantrum then we can "consider a new name"!

But hey....maybe the FairTaxNation "TEA" Party would be a great way to bring the attention of TEA Party goers to the FairTax Legislation!!!
We could then do a little BIT about the Boston TEA Party and how they THREW the Tea over board and the FairTaxNation TEA Party would throw the tax code OVER Board...yep....liking that!!!! INDEED!!!!
Ya know, I have to agree with Jamie - I've not so much as heard a single "peep" from anywhere, anyone or anything about the negative context of "storm the hill".

Let us not fall to PC, we should instead go forward without fear and boldly state our cause and purpose.

If we need another name, then I would suggest...

Storm the Hill 2 - April 15, 2010 - FairTax Day
(A FairTax Nation "TEA" Party)
End TAX Slavery
Pass the FAIRTAX
How about

A FairTax for All
It's an American Thing
We are not looking for slogans, we are renaming an event because there is "concern"...from who because? I listen to FOX for hours, I get the local paper (liberal) and I have not heard once anything...postive or negative...about "Storm the Hill". There was a TEA Party on the Hill, there was a Protest on the Hill, why can't there be a storm on the hill? Why was it okay back in Sept. and is not okay in April 2010?

FairTaxNation Goes to the Hill, April 2010

take by storm

To captivate completely: a new play that took New York City by storm.

2. A violent agitation of human society; a civil, political, or domestic commotion; sedition, insurrection, or war; violent outbreak; clamor; tumult. [1913 Webster]

There will be a commotion on April 15 when 500-10,000 FairTax Supporters show up in DC!!
> How about "Lift This Nation"
Also we could invite the Tea Party people to join us with one condition. One side of their sign would have to be FairTax! For many it would be their first exposure to the FairTax, and the beginning of their education about what is the real solution.

I couldn't agree more. Why is there this sudden need to be politically correct amongst the FTN crowd? I ask again who is so offended by "Storm The Hill" that we must acquiesce out of fear the Fair Tax movement will be irreparably harmed? We need to be more assertive given the climate in Washington D.C. PC is another method to stifle free speech. It becomes a slippery slope. We should not succumb to this mentality. I say keep the phrase! Storm the Hill!!
The more I think about this, the more I have to agree with Jamie.
My sentiment is that we shouldn't need to change a perfectly good name to something that would be considered more "politically correct".

My 3 cents.
If you disagree with this administration on anything... they would like to put you in Gitmo. Seems they want to Free the terrorists and put the radical conservatives away!
Here are a few that came to my mind.

1. A Fair augmentation of Washington’s Tyranny of Taxation.

2. Fairtax...A fair augmentation of Washington’s illegal taxation!

3. Fairtax…Ending 100 years of Taxation Tyranny!

4.Fair-taxtion to End Recession!

5. Fairtax…Ending taxation legislation… for political aristocrats!

6. Fairtax…The peoples non political fight to end this recession!

7. The peoples Fair-taxation polarization... Are you with the people or the politicians?

8. Americans for Fair-Taxation of this Great Nation!

9. Common People…With common sense…Ending Washington’s Taxation Tyranny!!

Don Fernandes
Fairtax Advocate since 2006
First I would like to see what the Fair Tax could do for the economy that the Federal Income Tax System does not.

What our country needs is jobs!
What Speaker Pelosi says with just about every bit of legislation she pushes through (they each represented four words jobs jobs jobs jobs). It seems to work wonders for her, even when it is not true.

I say the Fair Tax would create jobs jobs jobs jobs and more jobs!

I believe we should concentrate on the immediate benefits of the Fair Tax. Do you agree?
Although I agree we have to be somewhat careful in what we name it, it needs to be something that is sharp, hits home and says we mean business.
I agree with those that have said we should not change the name to be politically correct. Storm the Hill is great.


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