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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Fair Tax can Learn From Litigation Strategy

When it comes to Facts, statistics, and evidence, Fair Tax wins. Fair Tax is best for the economy, best for citizens and best for America.

When it comes to Law, Fair Tax wins. From a Constitutional point of view, it is the only clearly viable legal way to collect the level of current taxes that the Government wants.

But Fair Tax still needs work on Procedure – marketing procedure.

Procedure is just a fancy name for games. It is used in court cases when the opposite party has a winning case. It is used in politics when Citizens are winning the arguments that politicians do not want. And it is used in marketing to place a garbage product on the same level as a best buy product.

The good news is that games, which manipulate people’s minds, do not have lasting power. They eventually surface into the light. This is no time for Fair Tax to join the game players. As a grassroots, low budget movement, the public will eventually discover the truth. At some point, the awareness will reach a point when a minor spark of information will convert Fair Tax into an overnight sensation.

In another words, let’s keep on plugging. We are on the right track. The fight for success is working. Let us NEVER devolve into games.

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I feel a positive energy within our movement that I haven't felt before. I think we are winning on every front.
I'm with Jim.

The more people I talk to and the more people who sign on......its just more and more energy behind the movement!!

I don't want to play games. I want to win and get people onboard on the FairTax merits alone.
But I know what you mean....we need to do what we have to.
I couldn't agree more. I've been thinking for some time there will be a critical mass for support of The Fair Tax. I suspect it is not too far away.
Agreed. I, too, feel that Fair Tax support is growing rapidly. A year from now, tax talk in this country will be very, very, different, I am certain. Of course, our elected legislators are slowest and last to catch up to speed with regards to what we, the people, can clearly see.
Our founding fathers were truely great men with great vision. Our leaders today are basically blind.
Hi Sean - I disagree 100% with this comment. (Hear me out) :) They aren't blind. They see perfectly clear what they are doing - driving our country into the ground - and I believe they MEAN what they are doing.

How anyone can read the Constitution and interpret that the Federal Government is supposed to provide healthcare....or elderly care....or retirement programs...or fund education at any level....or collect taxes on our incomes (prior to the 16th Amendment - may it be damned!) is beyond me.

Our Founding Fathers started us off with the Articles of Confederation for a reason - so the Fed. Gov't could never - ever - become the behemouth that it has become. Of course that system was TOO far anti-Federal, so it didn't really work. But the Constitution was written to be as restrictive on the Feds as is could possibly be and still allow it to function.

For God's sake, the Fed Gov't is the #1 employer in our country!!! That's just WRONG.

So back to my original point: we didn't get here by being led by the blind or those with lack of vision. We've gotten here by being complacent and ceding control of our country to "leaders" with a deliberate vision that is 180 degress to the original direction this country was set in.
You'll get no argument from me on this Peter - our so-called "leaders" clearly see the path of destruction that goes before them, and they're not changing direction.

Of course, my "blind" comment was intended to convey that our current leaders do not share the same wisdom and vision as the founding fathers. Come to think of it, it probably wasn't such a good idea to mention these two distinctly different groups of leaders in the same paragraph. My bad.

I stand corrected. Thank you.
I'm right there with ya. We've been complacent, and I am no exception. Well, I'm awake now. We must get the Fair Tax enacted ASAP; it is the start of turning this ship around.
I would like to say I feel a critical mass coming along, but I just got into this game. Y'all have been at this longer than me. But I'll tell you what. I am a chatty person. Ask anyone I know. I'll talk just to hear my voice. In fact, I do voice over work, and I own a radio station. Talking is what I do. Now watch this: Now I have something to talk about more important than football. People within earshot of me are going to be hearing about the FairTax. And do you know why it doesn't have to be an uphill climb? My friends, we are not trying to sell a product that people have already heard about and are already sick of. We have a non-partisan, game changing idea that 'no one' has heard about. 'Most' folks we will talk to have no preconceived notion of the FairTax. And those who do have a preconceived notion have already demonstrated that they don't get it. So we just keep talking. Keep plugging away as it was said. We are still in the education business until there are enough of us educated then at that point there are enough of us to write our representative that they will no longer be able to ignore this nation saving plan. So keep writing, even if doesn't appear to make a difference... yet.
Keep it up, Chad. Please, talk about the Fair Tax, how it works and all the benefits, for our country. I've only been here for a couple of months myself, and I'm amazed at how this thing is finally taking off. There's not a soul I discuss it with that does not see the merits of Fair Tax, bar none.
We need to let all the politicians know that this "critical mass" is ONLY going to support (vote for) candidates who support Fairtax. It is important to keep writing to all the senators and congressmen who are supposed to represent you. We need to let them know how many there are of us and maybe then we can make a difference. I for one expect to be voting for Mike Huckabee in 2012


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