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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Received from Aaron Schutte
Grassroots Coordinator

"When our grassroots leaders meet, the atmosphere is charged. That enthusiastic energy powers light bulbs for new thoughts and lightning bolts for game-changing ideas.

We are proud to report that our grassroots leaders gathered in Houston last week and produced a new nationwide strategy that employs technology and sophisticated tactics to wage a modern campaign. Our country needs the transformative power of the Fair Tax now, and these volunteer leaders hear daily clamoring for it in their communities. Now, we have a plan to channel all the enthusiasm from FairTax supporters into specific avenues so our elected leaders wake up, take notice and make the Fair Tax a priority. It may surprise you, but if every supporter gives five dollars a month, we can roll out this plan! Can we count on you to make at least the five dollar a month donati...?

Let me tell you more about this new strategy and why I'm so optimistic for our future.

First, to increase our votes in Congress, we improved ideas for recruiting two million new motivated volunteers to add to your own efforts. We will bolster support in key congressional districts for lawmakers that endorse the FairTax, and we'll recruit a critical mass of supporters in other districts to convince lawmakers to vote for the FairTax bill. You’ll see our victories - convincing Congressman to support the FairTax - grow at a faster rate than ever before.

Second, we planned a unifying internet based social network that brings together all FairTax supporters into one, large and formidable community. In this online space, leaders and supporters will share ideas and they'll have multiple tools at their fingertips to take action.

This integration isn’t cheap but the power you - along with millions of FairTax supporters - will have to speak to Washington in a unified voice will build on our current progress in ways we can’t imagine!

Third, to enact these steps, we forged a nationwide fundraising and expenditure plan that requires only five dollars a month from every FairTax supporter. With your donation starting today, we can launch
this plan immediately. Can we count on your support right now?"

Does anyone know what "social network" they are talking about?

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Chief: They are talking about Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/fairtax.org. There are already over 58,000 members on that page. Tony, I and others have tried to get them to sign up here but they do not seem too.
I got this e-mail too. It says they have met with grassroots leaders! Does that mean some of the leaders here were involved, like Marilyn and Jim Tomasik? If so, I would consider donating to FairTax.org again.
We were not invited.
Danny Higgins of IN had a Photo on his facebook page the folks there. Here are the people listed:
Jim Bennett, Jamie Wheeler (photos), Roger Buchholtz (photos), Danny N Diana Higgins (photos), Gene Key (photos), Kristina Bouterse (photos), Steve Curtis (photos)
How can we get a report on the happenings of the meeting?
I have tried to get it out Jamie. All she would say is you will have to wiat and see what coming.
Hello Everyone, Sorry about the pause...but the meeting in Houston had an amamzing about of conclusion and ethusiasm! I was shocked I was included, but honored. There were something like 18 there and Marilyn was invited (from what I was told by more than one person I asked) It was her birthday and anniversary & past history all made her say no.

IN short Butcher and Butcher are GONE...Ken Hoagland chose to leave when they were let go!!!!!!!

Hello Everyone...GOOOOo FAIRTAX!!!!

It is official! Last Friday 9/17 the AFFT Board approved the FairTax Grassroots Advisory Board, the by-laws and the 3 different committes and their bullet points and goals, JUST FOR STARTS...its ALL of us finally with a GREEN LIGHT!! I know many are going forward with caution, rightly so, but in the same sense it is exciting to be at this NEW point!

The ONLY people on the Houston AFFT are Aaron Schutte, Terry Stockham & Janie Davis.

By-Laws were created then people were nominated to make up the "FairTax Grassroots Advisory Team" 9 minimum and 15 max. Nine were elected on 9/9.
David Adams, Jim Bennett, Marilyn Ricker, John Collet, Roger Buchholtz, Kristina Bouterse
Steve Curtis, Danny Higgins, Me

Mike Warlick, John Pierce, Gene Key, Bill Harrington, and I know there were one or two more but names escape me right now. sorry! (newbie)

It was unanoumous that we didn't like the sounds of the "legal" name so Roger came up with FAST...as in we want to get this bill past... FAST (FairTax America Support Team)

If you would like to see the by-laws and notes from the meeting zip me an email at NoMoreIRS@aol.com.

Leo Linbeck & Bob McNarr both came to the meeting to share their support to we "grassroots". There is still trust to be earned on both sides, but if we keep focused on the GOAL of getting this passed it should all work together. This time hasn't been in the past. TEA Party, anger in Americans over the current admin., Leo's heartattack and one of the 3 friends death.

WE are no longer in "competition" with whoever said "if you pay so much we can get this passed." Everyone in the room agreed "2014" is our target date! The Committees are Membership, Strategy-Tactics and...threre is one more.

Would you agree or disagree that CPAC is a good first start...possibly combined with the Tues or Wed previous a STORMING the HILL, this was not a topic of discussion at the meeting, has been brought forward since and especially since we got the OKAY!!!
Thanks for the Update.

How FAST can we get started? (Last week will be too late)
> Does this mean we are finally going to try to get this bill passed. FairTax.org has had many tools that have never been used that could have been significant. They have never used them. Are we all going to get to think creatively and see ideas embraced by .org. It's high time the FairTax gets recognition by the US electorate. We can't just whisper in a well anymore.
> I don't know. It sounded like they were going to do a lot to advance the cause but then it all stopped. Notice the activity here is down, It's mostly you me and a few other hard cores, with sometimes a newcomer wanting questions answered. In the grassroots group I don't see Jim or Sean and they are 2 of our most devoted leaders. I'd like to hear what everyone else is thinking.
I agree with Chief..


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