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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

So I have called a number of district and state
 directors in the west and hate to say that
 there seems to be very little activity in many
 states and counties around the whole country.
 What are the strategies being used to
 communicate the FairTax message from the
 top of the organization to the bottom
 (new members)! I would have to say when I
 first signed up for FairTax Nation, I didn't feel
any excitement in the air. Let's get this fire
started!! I am dedicating my nights and
 weekends calling leaders in each state and 
encouraging the to rally the troops. Will you 
do the same?

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Hi Jason,


I see what you mean but please know that there are a lot of things going behind the scene as well.  You are doing a good job in OR.  Keep it up!



Sooo glad to have you Michael!  There is alot of excitement it is just hard to see sometimes! But truly here in the Pacific Northwest we have a whole lot of educating to do! Looking forward to your call!  I work 40hrs a week outside the home as well as being a fulltime domestic engineer and am going to be blessed with my first grandchild in Dec. this year.  SO...can you say busy?!!!!  When is a good time to contact you on a Sat or Sun?  I've got some plans in the works...my ideas are ever flowing...it is the time and imlementing them that is a challenge! I have an EXCELLENT CC in Vancouver...maybe we can work together since Portland is so close!


I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that the fight has gone on so long? But new blood will revitalize us and here in Ohio we feel like we are doing our part to grow the movement. It doesn't help that we have so little support from our elected officials on both sides of the aisle, so we need to work on changing those folks out. I think we could use a lot more financial support too, but realize money is tight for many of us these days. To those folks I would say, if you don't have money, donate time and energy.

FairTax has to be a one on one experience.  We have been working, probably for the last 5 years, in the Dayton, OH area and we are gaining slowly.  I think FairTax Nation is the best way to communicate.  You can go to each State and join their group.  (Some States only have a few members) Then you use your address book to invite everyone to join FairTaxNation.com and have them join their State group.  In Ohio we have OHFairTax.org started by our State Director, Steve Curtis, he is the best.  We try to go to outing in the area wearing our FairTax gear and passing out FairTax material.  Start with local groups and grow.  We need your help.


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