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> I just did a quick perusal of the list of those in the Online Tax Revolt. It's clear who participated and who didn't. Georgia wins hands down. Florida is next. The rest of the South makes up the bulk of the others. Where is the rest of the country?

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I find all of this somewhat amazing. According to our membership list, there are only 316 good folks from the great state of Georgia signed up here at FairTax Nation. Yet, Georgia never fails to send a large contingency of people to our events.

They did so for our first Storm the Hill event back on 9/11 and they did the same last week. Georgia clearly has a way to provide a fairly large number of supporters and I would have to guess this is solely due to the passion they have for the FairTax. Go Georgia!

I wish I could say the same for the other states, especially Florida. As a Floridian, I must admit I am somewhat disappointed by our state's showing in last week's events. I think we were surpassed by a number of other states, both from the south and even some northern and western states.

But make no mistake about it - the southern/southeastern states of NC, SC, GA, FL, AL. MS and even LA add up to a formidable total of FairTax supporters!
> Sean I started thinking about this yesterday when I first looked at the results. I think I know the answer and if I'm right it points us in a direction that we can follow. I believe it's because of Boortz. What this says is that while most of the talk radio hosts say they don't cross into certain topics since they let other hosts have their own specialties, they should realise that their programs are much more regional than they are selective of key issues. Thus if we want to succeed we need to make it clear to more talk radio hosts that the FairTax is a national issue, and that we need other regional outlets for it's discussion. We need to get the FairTax to be a hot button issue within more markets. A first requirement would be to determine who the top talk radio hosts that would be receptive to the Fairtax in a number of regions are. Then we need to identify members in those regions who can begin to mount campaigns to reach those hosts. I know that FairTax.org has had persons appear on many shows all over the US, however what we need is a group of talk radio hosts who will automatically and regularly bring up the FairTax on their shows. Perhaps Neal would give us some pointers on how to approach this. We might have to find sponsors within several regions.
On another front I'm wondering what .org or whatever entity has the list of online marchers plans to do with it. Would they give us a breakdown by state? Could we have access to it (read membership drive)? Would they forward membership invitations from us to all those email addresses? I realise a large number of those people aren't FairTax supporters, at least not yet, but the opportunity is there to engage and educate them. I've seen tools like this go unused in the past, and their value is immense.

Well, certainly an interesting prospectus on your part, but I would like to run this a little further if you don't mind.

Boortz certainly has been a FairTax champion in his own right. And while he might be considered "regional" to a certain extent, let's not forget that he does go "national" at a certain time during his show - I think that is at10am.

I would have to add that Sean Hannity, while being on record as favoring the FairTax, could hardly be considered as a "regional" personality. I also believe that he is willing to discuss the FairTax as long as a caller brings up the topic first. But make no "bones" about it, Sean is definitely a "national" figure.

Then there is Mark Levin - another "national" figure who I believe is another FairTax supporter. As you know, Mark enjoys a time slot during the early evening hours.

And by all means let's not forget about Herman Cain, another true hard-core FairTax supporter who, in this case, really is a regional talk show host that covers the southeast region.

My point is that I think we should make every effort to get Neal working with his other "pals" in the industry to start talking up the FairTax - I think this would go a long way to providing a certain amount of "national" coverage for a large portion of the day. Based on what I hear Neal say, he would be more than happy for that to happen.

It would then be, as you suggest, up to us to make sure the FairTax is covered on a regional basis. For example, we have a very "pro" FairTax radio station here in the greater Jacksonville, FL area and I do what I can to call into that show on weekends to make sure the FairTax gets discussed. Would this not be the regional area you speak of?

Many thanks for your thoughts and ideas!


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