Fair Tax Nation

Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Third Party with a SOLID PLAN and potential 45-50 state ballot access. (?)

We're on the same page. I have solid plans. Real plans and immediate plans that actually make things happen vs more Change and Hope. I also need Arizona ballot access in case one of these third parties does not make the deal this month.


The verbage has been re-set at a 5th grade reading level due to complaints of the ONLY solid "RIGHT NOW" plans being a bit confusing. If you want to make this happen, please contact me.


We do not have time for Mr. Ex-Lobbyist (fake cheese and meat for actual cheese and meat) aka Mr. 9                           9                                                        9       and his Hope for change once his "expertly thought and crafted plans" come into play after lobbyist owned Congress pretends to vote upon them!


My plans do not require Congress and our time is running out to fix this nation's economy. Fairtax is in step with the plans, but the Congress and POTUS will not do it.


JL Mealer


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