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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

In the Texas  US Senate race to replace retiring Kay Bailey Hutchison (R), TEA Party favorite, Ted Cruz (R) (http://www.tedcruz.org/) is on record as a supporter of the FairTax and has promised that he will become a co-sponsor of the FairTax.

Also, from the Ted Cruz campaign site is this statement, as a part of the Ted Cruz Plan:

8. Champion tax reform. We should dramatically simplify the tax code and move as close as possible to a flat tax or to the Fair Tax.

Combine that with his repeated promises to TEA Party groups that he will co-sponsor the FairTax and I think that we can count him as solidly a FairTax supporter.

On the other side of that race is Cruz's establishment opponent, David Dewhurst (http://www.daviddewhurst.com/), who whenever asked if he will co-sponsor the FairTax, equivocates, changes the subject, goes into campaign mode and never answers the question.

At the Texas GOP Convention, Ted Cruz stopped by the FairTax booth several times, offering encouragement and promised to become a co-sponsor of the FairTax. Dewhurst seldom came onto the exhibit floor and when he did, he most often flew through, shaking a few hands, but avoided any questions. He also avoided going anywhere near the FairTax booth. Even so, I eventually managed to catch him standing still and asked him if he would co-sponsor the FairTax. In typical establishment manner, he put on an amazingly phony smile for an experienced politician, equivocated, talked about taxes in general, switched into his tax talking points and completely ignored the question. In the process, he turned away from me to make sure that I couldn't redirect my un-answered question and as he finished his talking points, he immediately took a softball question from one of the few people in the building who was wearing a Dewhurst button. I later saw that person manning the Dewhurst booth, so I can only assume that she was a plant.

There is nothing on the Dewhurst campaign site about the FairTax or indeed, anything that could even be considered remotely favoring changing the current tax system.

I think it's more than safe to say that David Dewhurst is an opponent of the FairTax.

If Cruz wins the Texas US Senate race, it will mean that Texas will have two FairTax co-sponsors in the Senate, instead of just one (John Cornyn).

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