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Teresa, I plan to meet you for this on Saturday.

I urge all of you Fair Taxers in the area to come join us. There are a lot of people out there out there on I 270 and this is a good way to pique their interest. The time is right, and it's definitely time for the Fair Tax Plan.

Place: K-Mart parking lot at the corner of Bethel Rd. and I 270
Time: 12 noon to 1 pm for caravan and afterward, coffee and meet and greet at Panera Bread in the same parking lot.

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Just a thought. One of our FairTaxers suggested a "float" for parades. If that has been built, would it help the caravan. If so, could the person with the float get hold of Teresa to discuss!!
Hello Nancy! I look forward to meeting you there & will bring my camera so we can upload pics showcasing our FairTax Cars! Looks (sadly) like it might just be you and me. A float would be great. I'd love for this to be a growing monthly event. The public needs to see this and generate interest.
Teresa, that's ok if it's just you and me. It's the first step toward getting it off the ground and that's what counts. I wish I could afford more magnets right now, but I've got some great paints (that wash off easily) and I plan to do something with windows. I have a sticker on back window, and a small oval sticker in the back top corners of the backseat windows. But I want my car to grab motorist's attention.

I like the float idea, too. Maybe we can work on that for next month. I'll ask Barb Wilson about that; I think put one together for a parade recently. She's my go to gal! We'll just grow the Caravan one month at a time.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Wish me luck - my first meeting is Thursday night! I'll be happy if I just have half a dozen people, but who knows? It could go either way. I just want to effectively get the Fair Tax message out, no matter how many people are there.


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