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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Could the Fair Tax not be viewed as the solution to the “Fiscal Cliff” people have “sound bitten” so much?  Not just tax rates “threatening” to rise across the board, but the REAL fiscal cliff of spending 40 % more than tax revenue and “Quantitative Easing” fiat money to buy down government debt to tiny “not economically realistic” low rates to finance it.  I am sure what I just said is too complicated for most Americans to understand or care about. 


But maybe (some in) the House, if prodded in the right way to the right people, might come out publicly advocating the Fair Tax as the solution to the “Fiscal Cliff”, both what is on the surface, and the iceberg below that nobody seems to care about any more. 

A FairTax.org email said:  

All indications are the House Ways and Means Committee is going to take up the FairTax plan during their near term discussions. In fact, Representative Dave Camp, Ways and Means Chairman has stated: “Let me repeat that we intend to move a comprehensive tax reform bill in 2013 – no matter what.”


Should this discussion not happen now, before “solving” (or pretending to solve for a year or two) the “Fiscal Cliff”? 

Happy New Year. 


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Since the House has refused to "raise taxes on the rich" they have (predictably) been blamed for "causing" a fiscal cliff disaster (taxes going up, not the REAL disaster of spending like deadbeats on payday loans we write to ourselves at low interest rates). 

I hope this means that the House (major leadership) is ready NOW to broadcast widely the Fair Tax as THE solution for this whole mess (especially global competitive advantage of taxing consumption instead of production).  If not, they better jump on it fast.  Otherwise, we will have the voices of fiscal sanity blamed for taxes of everyone going up. 

Fair Tax, or blame for higher taxes?  Which do you want, Representatives?  How about asking your congressperson (if they are principled) their preference between these two? 



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