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How we all benefit through the Grass Roots Freedom Ride (GRFR) promoted at FairTax.org (AFFT)

Hello FairTax Directors, Coordinators and Supporters,

During the last month GRFR has been working with Ken Hoagland at AFFT, who is nationally promoting the Grass Roots Freedom Ride for FairTax (GRFR). FairTax.org has created a web tool to promote "freedom riders" throughout the country, a fund raising tool for use in every town. With our twist to this walk-a-thon concept, we believe we can create greater visibility and funds for FairTax promotion, by using this tool for fun promotional activities.
The really exciting news is that half of the funds raised through this motorcycle effort will go to the GRFR consortium, an entity created to disperse funds raised through GRFR for grass roots supporters throughout the country, not just in the southeast. And it will bring funds into all participating areas through merchandise sales and participant fees. We need every state with a strong presence for FairTax. This is our opportunity to move quickly towards passage of the FairTax by creating fun events easily assembled using these tools and this support structure. Our goal is to bring more funding to smaller groups as well as using consortium funds for grass roots efforts creatively and frugally. Some ideas are listed below.

How the program works - Enroll as a chapter captain, chapter member or an individual for $25/year membership. You receive a FairTax Flag and a GRFR patch and a personal page to state your activities (either through your chapter or alone) to raise pledges. With your enrollment as a chapter Captain, you will have access to a Chapter page to outline events you develop with your team. Working with GRFR, Chapter captains can receive supplies that we have available at cost, even for small orders. These supplies can be sold locally to raise funds for the local chapter. All event donations can also remain with the local chapter, or sent to AFFT if desired. GRFR wants to work with chapter captains who request assistance to create fun events (poker runs, walkathons, whatever twist you want) to raise funds both for AFFT and the needs of the local group.
GRFR Patch with membership 1.5" cloisonne pledge pin

We also will offer incentives to your pledgers - for a $25 or more donation to AFFT for youhttp://fairtaxnation.ning.com/group/connecticutfairtaix/forum/topics/fairtaxorg-afft-promoting-1/edit#r ride , we have a beautiful 1.5" cloisonne FairTax Pin that we will distribute through chapter
captains. The web tool at FairTax.org makes contacting friends and family easy with
pre-written letters that can be personalized for each member.

Local Benefits of joining the GRFR Program-
Supply Store- All chapters of GRFR can buy small orders of 10-25 pieces at bulk pricing (initially; when funds permit, we may be able to give supplies to active groups). Currently AFFT raises no funds through their FairTax promotional supplies at FairTax.org. We need FairTax visible everywhere and supplies available at low or no cost. Flags & bandanas are currently available at GRFR. We are ordering temp tattoos, balloons and window clings for the supply store. What merchandise do you want to see at your event that you can mark up and keep the profit in your area? Contact admin@grassrootsfreedomride.com

Participant Fees Stay with local group - Membership in GRFR is $25/year which goes to AFFT and the consortium. Events are planned at the local level, geared towards a fun activity. Anyone can participate in the activity with an associated fee set at the local level that will remain at the local level. An example would be a "Fun Run for FairTax" - organizers must be part of GRFR, can collect pledges on line with incentives offered to their donors (cloisonne FairTax Pin currently for pledges over $25). Anyone interested can participate in the run for $10 entrance fee (that remains with the group, if the leadership wants it to). Members of GRFR thru FairTax.org can collect pledges for their run, with the money going to 50% to AFFT and 50% to the GRFR Consortium.

Consortium Funds - The consortium will review ideas and will invest in those with high visibility and cost effectiveness, Some ideas are scholarships for college students' essays for FairTax, a float in a parade, a rally or a FairTax ID Card for individuals and businesses that support the FairTax.

AFFT Funds - for use by the national organization for rallies and their other necessary national efforts

Please Help In This Effort
Motorcycle Clubs -If you're not a biker, please contact biker groups in your area to offer a speaker about the FairTax and this program. Most bikers are freedom lovers, and without economic freedom, there is no freedom. Motorcycle clubs are formed by common interest or by bike make (Honda, Harley, Kawasaki). This is a promising niche for FairTax support. Bikers tend to be generous and they show up for rides because they're fun. Attached is a brochure for GRFR if you would like to hand out materials. Your investment of time and treasure in this project has potential for a great payout for FairTax. Also attached is a flier GRFR raffle for a very impressive $40 K bike, with proceeds going into the GRFR consortium (not staying in NC). Some points you might stress is the need to ACT NOW to protect discretionary income that bikers give to many other good causes. Offer motorcycle clubs a speaker for FairTax.
Bicycling clubs, Classic Car Clubs, Hiking Clubs, Walking Clubs and clubs that form around a group activity - if you're in one, see if you can organize an event for FairTax!

GRFR website
This website will remain to promote other consortium activities that AFFT cannot promote legally ( ie. the raffle, sponsored by NCFairTax.org). GRFR is part of NCFairTax.org who is under agreement with the consortium for dispersal of all funds raised through GRFR. Simply put, the money raised does not stay in NC, or the south east. Supporting the raffle supports the entire effort and you might get a really cool bike out of the deal! Bikers not interested in the FairTax may want to take a shot for this bike - it's better odds than the lottery and it's a beautiful machine. Tickets are on sale at our website and at our events. Please hand out attached flier.

GRFR will also focus attention on working with chapter captains to assist in making events successful. What we learn we'll pass on. April 15 we're having a poker run. We'll have all the info to replicate a poker run available to all biker/car chapter captains of GRFR. As we find successful fun events to plan, we'll pass along information. Your help is needed in your creative ideas..

Closing Thoughts

200 million people of voting age in the US
1% is 2 million people (comparable to Kansas City)
If that 1% donates $25/month that's $50,000,000/mo. If we can do that for one year, with half going to AFFT and half coming back to benefit your group, we'll see FairTax enacted. FairTax will not enjoy big donors because no one wants IRS scrutiny. FairTax will only happen when we unite financially for the benefit of all areas. As our economy dips, people will start looking more seriously for real change in our govt. I believe we have an opportunity in this financial crisis to finally get FairTax passed These small donations won't break most people and we would get our country back. People are ready for investment for positive change. Only new funds going into the GRFR fundraiser are split with the grass roots effort, the incentive program and the supply store program.

Thanks for your time and ongoing FairTax work. We hope this project can work for you! Only funds collected through GRFR at the FairTax.org go towards these programs. Sorry this is so long.

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