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I, along with Bob Kent, will be presenting a fair tax panel in Clemmons on August 30th at the public library. We did this panel last month in Boone and it was very informative. I would encourage you to come and invite your friends.There is room for around 50. To guarentee space e-mail me at americansforfairtax2010@yahoo.com Hope to see you there. Also, please join me in my group so I can keep you informed on future meetings. The Watauga County Republican Party had a fund raiser featuring Bernie Goldberg last Friday and several of us were able to speak to Virginia Foxx about becoming a co-sponsor of the bill. Now would be a great time to contact her and encourage her also. I presented her with a list of over 400 names in the 5th District that support the fair tax.

Rick Woods

Director, 5th District

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Hey Rick... Mike Hunger from Union Cross, just south of Kernersville.
I joined Fair Tax Nation ~ 1.5 years ago, but dropped off after I got so busy (I'm self-employed), and did not see much activity in this area. I would like to attend the meeting in Clemmons on 8/30... what time?
Not a rare story. The fair tax movement is gaining momentum. In NC 8 of the 13 districts for the House have candidates that support the fair tax. I would love to make Virginia Foxx, our representative, the 9th. No need to apologize for getting side tracked with life but getting back in the fight now is imperative if we are going to get the fair tax bills passed. The meeting will start at 7pm at the library. I will send you details soon. Thanks for signing up on my site. Rick
What is the address
Did you find the time. It is at 7pm in the Clemmons Public Library.


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