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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Here is the list of Directors and Coordinators in OH. Check the leader in your area and contact them to let them know you are a FairTax supporter.

Marilyn Rickert, Regional Director
Home: (708) 687-9412
Fax: (708) 687-4718
Email: fairtaxnow@aol.com

Steven Curtis, State Director
Yellow Springs, OH
Phone: (937) 767-2117
Email: s.curtis@ohfairtax.org

Rob Howell, Community Coordinator
Cincinnati, OH (OH-01)
Home: 513-766-8654
Cell: 513-235-8781
Email: recruit1@one.net

David Sibole, District Director
Hillsboro, OH (OH-03)
Cell: (937) 403-3048
Email: davesib@yahoo.com

Dennis Cassel, Community Coordinator
Brookville, OH (OH-03)
Home: (937) 833-4779
Email: dcassel@woh.rr.com

Robert Collins, Community Coordinator
Centerville, OH (OH-03)
Work: (937) 643-3300
Email: Bob.Collins@edwardjones.com

Gene Gilbert, Community Coordinator
Brookville, OH (OH-03)
Home: (937) 832-8488
Email: eugene.gilbert@bizwoh.rr.com

Rick Johnston, Community Coordinator
Wilmington, OH (OH-03)
Home: (937) 382-8424
Email: rjohnston@saveitnow.com

Craig Jolley, Community Coordinator
Springboro, OH (OH-03)
Home: (937) 748-9150
Email: craigj@erinet.com

Shayne Jones, Community Coordinator
Dayton, OH (OH-03)
Cell: (937) 479-6105
Fax: (937) 264-8092
Email: shaynejones@yahoo.com

Michael Koch, Community Coordinator
Jamestown, OH (OH-03)
Home: (937) 486-1303
Email: mkoch11@hotmail.com

Elizabeth Sarniguet, Community Coordinator
Springboro, OH (OH-03)
Home: (937) 886-0105
Email: elizabethsarniguet@sbcglobal.net

Jerry Stump, Community Coordinator
Miamisburg, OH (OH-03)
Home: (937) 435-2233
Email: jstump2@woh.rr.com

Barbara Wilson, Community Coordinator
Centerville, OH (OH-03)
Home: (937) 298-5092
Email: bgw366@woh.rr.com

Nancy Gatchel, Community Coordinator
Marion, OH (OH-04)
Home: 740-386-5313
E-mail: n.gatchel@verizon.net

Josh Gregg, Community Coordinator
Shelby, Ohio (OH-04)
E-mail: crazyconservative18@yahoo.com

Donnie Baldwin, District Director
Perrysburg, OH (OH-05)
Home: (330) 608-0119
Email: donnie_baldwin@hotmail.com

Danny Dymarkowski, Community Coordinator
Wauseon, OH (OH-05)
Home: (419) 446-2262
Email: irishman76@hotmail.com

Kenneth Burt, Community Coordinator
East Liverpool, OH (OH-06)
Home: (330) 368-0121
Cell: (330) 853-6678
Email: kbert00@comcast.net

Beverly Barnhart, Community Coordinator
Fairborn, OH (OH-07)
Home: (937) 879-9164
Email: bbarnhart@woh.rr.com

Phil Claypool, Community Coordinator
Beavercreek, OH (OH-07)
Cell: (937) 361-5773
Home: (937) 429-9462
Email: ch3no2phil@clearwire.net

Zachary Eggleston, Community Coordinator
Springfield, OH (OH-07)
Home: (937) 322-7511
Work: (937) 845-3436
Email: zegg404@yahoo.com

Jay Elting, Community Coordinator
Bellbrook, OH (OH-07)
Home: (937) 848-3931
Email: kjelting@juno.com

Frank Gilbert, Community Coordinator
Fairborn, OH (OH-07)
Cell: (937) 673-0045
Email: fgilbert@zoomtown.com

Randall Samuel, Community Coordinator
Fairborn, OH (OH-07)
Cell: (937) 206-8868
Email: ammosam@ammosam.com

Billie Stewart, Community Coordinator
Beavercreek, OH (OH-07)
Home: 937-426-0268
Email: Billie1954@aol.com

Dick Haynes, District Director
Piqua, OH (OH-08)
Home: (937) 773-6911
Email: pbcinbetween@yahoo.com

Jim Lewis, District Director
Medina, OH (OH-08)
Home: 419-651-8583
Email: jameslewis97@yahoo.com

Steve Kuhn, Community Coordinator
West Chester, OH (OH-08)
Home: (513) 777-0975
Email: skuhn1@cinci.rr.com

Henry Williamson, Community Coordinator
Fairfield, OH (OH-08)
Home: (513) 829-4196
Email: hw2000@zoomtown.com

Jon Smetana, District Director
Cleveland, OH (OH-11)
Home: (216) 321-8644
Email: jonsmetana47@yahoo.com

Sean Currie, District Director
Sunbury, OH (OH-12)
Phone: (740) 816-1273
Email: srcurrie420@yahoo.com

Michael Ligas, Community Coordinator
Barberton, OH (OH-13)
Work: (330) 564-2800
Email: Mike.ligas@merlinmfg.com

Jim Kenny, District Director
Canton, OH (OH-16)
Cell: (330) 418-0922
Email: jkennyhwi@hughes.net

Dennis & Barb Strickler, District Director
Malvern, OH (OH-18)
Home: (330) 312-3725
Email: bstrickl@neo.rr.com

Glenn Gray, Community Coordinator
Tippecanoe, OH (OH-18)
Cell: (330) 808-3640
Home & Fax: (740) 498-6238
Work: (740) 498-8816
Email: w8ecm@wifi7.com

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Steve Curtis is the State Director for OH

Thanks. Got him. He was still on the front page. (c:

Marilyn, My information has changed. Can you please correct the following information; phone number 937-830-4940, e-mail franksterg55@yahoo.com I am also getting a FairTax e-mail set up and will let you know when that happens.

Thank you


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