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Just realized that no one added this.

Time 11AM - 4PM

Springboro Ohio - North Park. There are directions on the site. Looks like a good selection of speakers and lots of activities.
We need to get FairTax people there.

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We stopped by the Springboro Tea Party at North Park in Springboro October 24th prior to the "We Surround Driehaus" rally in Cincinnati and found a very "confused" message. The event seemed to revolve around various conspiracy theories- either a global conspiracy to rule the world or the 9/11 truth movement's twisted hypotheses. The whole affair had a "militia" feel with the conspiracy people handing out leaflets, slick-haired young political activists from a far right perspective pitching their wares like used car salesmen, and people walking around with guns strapped on their belts or tucked in waistbands. We left early on as the MC finished his lengthy opening remarks which consisted of the same type of name-calling and personal attack that those on the Left normally practice.

Evidently, we weren't the only ones who were disturbed. A good many average-looking folks began a similar exodus in response to the disjointed communication that was spewing forth from the loudspeakers. It was a message that I had not heard at any Tea Party event before. Above all, it just didn't feel right. Something about the event in toto just felt wrong. It didn't seem like a normal tea party at all. There was a malicious, malignant feel in the air.

Fortuitously, we had already made plans to head to Cincinnati for the "We Surround Driehaus" rally at the Carew Tower and on Fountain Square. We just made it down there a bit earlier than planned. The contrast between the Springboro event and the event in Cincinnati was dramatic. Once we took our positions with others surrounding the Carew Tower, it was like being home with family once again.

I contacted Chris Littleton of the Cincinnati Tea Party as I could not imagine that this group would be affiliated in any way with either the Dayton or Cincinnati Tea Parties. Their message certainly conflicted with the "For Freedom/Against Hate" locus of control that we practice as a Liberty Group here in Middletown and there was none of the "Free Markets/Fiscal Responsibility/Limited Government" theme of the Cincinnati Tea Party. Chris responded and informed me that the Springboro Tea Party is in no way affiliated with the Cincinnati Tea Party; they are evidently a separate, stand-alone organization that leans far right.

Fortunately, we did not see any of the local media present at this event, and, so far, I have seen no reference made to it in any print or online publication. The press could have very likely used this event to support the thesis that Tea Party people are right-wing extremists, nut-cases, or even Nazis.

I do not write these remarks to slander or besmirch another organization. My concern is for the legitimate Tea Party movement in general that seeks positive change by "taking the high road" in political discourse. We most certainly do not want to convey any image that brings discredit to the movement.

The Springboro Tea Party seems to be focusing upon the symptoms, or possible symptoms of an out-of-control federal government instead of the root causes of this illness. The best thing that could happen would be for this group to re-focus upon the tenets generally held by most tea party organizations- i.e. limited government, free markets, fiscal responsibility, etc. The achievement of these goals would be essential in eliminating the malice of a government gone wild.


Gregg Nicholl,
Middletown Liberty Group
I would agree with many of your sentiments.
It also was not advertised well, not to mention it was rather cold.
The main speaker was quite long, causing most people to leave either during or directly after he was finished.


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