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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

I'm sure some of you saw the Glenn Beck show on Friday. Toward the end of the show Judge Napolitano suggested pressuring the state legislators to ask Congress for a Constitutional convention to repeal the 16th amendment. This might be another way to apply additional pressure to a body that is very resistant. What do ya'll think?

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I saw it and think its a great idea and we should start writing and calling our representatives now. They will not listen any other way so lets go for it.
A couple of quick and easy ways to do this is to have supporters enroll on OpenCongress and also at GovIt.

Both are good ways of staying abreast of, not only Tax Bills, but many of the supporting issues as well as ways of tracking who votes on what and showing your support & views on different subjects.
I'm going to post a recent letter I received from Marsha Blackburn (R-TN 7) concerning my request for her support of the Fair Tax. Although she sidesteps her actual position on it, she does address and indicates that much can be accomplished on the State Level. In recent conversation with her, she advises that we (Tennesseans...and Tea Party-ers) should seek support and endorsement at the State Level....
in an effort to demonstrate its acceptance Statewide. Therefore, our suggestion to take it to State legislature & Governorship candidates is a FIRST STEP to getting it moving further on the National Level.
AGAIN, keep in mind that adoption of the FAIR TAX can and will be a MAJOR SOLUTION in almost all of our economic woes!!

December 4, 2009

Mr. Bernie Valentine

Dear Mr. Valentine:

What a pleasure to hear from you. Thank you for contacting me to share your support for H.R. 25, the Fair Tax Act of 2007. Hearing from constituents on issues of concern is important to our office and me as we work to represent our district.

As you are probably aware, H.R. 25, the Fair Tax Act of 2007 seeks to promote freedom, fairness, and economic opportunity by repealing the income tax, abolishing the Internal Revenue Service, and enacting a national sales tax to be administered primarily by the States. Since being introduced in the House by Representative John Linder on January 4, 2007, H.R. 25 has been referred to the House Committee on Ways and Means where it is currently under review.

Since first being elected to the United States Congress in 2002 I have taken great pride in joining my colleagues in working towards lowering taxes, limiting government and returning power back to the American taxpayer, where it belongs. During my first term in Congress I led a successful effort in the U.S. House of Representatives, alongside my colleagues in the Senate, to pass a long-sought ability for Tennessee taxpayers to deduct sales tax revenue from their Federal income tax. The passing of sales tax deductibility has since saved the average Tennessee filer $400 per year.

Throughout the 110th Congress I have continued to actively work towards bringing economic relief to average Tennesseans by eliminating unnecessary tax burdens. To bring about this relief I have cosponsored legislation that would permanently repeal the death tax, eliminate a state government's ability to tax consumers' Internet access, email use, and electronic commerce. I am a also a strong proponent of H.R. 510, the Tax Code Termination Act of 2007, which would completely eliminate the current convoluted tax code and start over with a plan that makes sense to working Americans, and support the Taxpayer Choice Act of 2007. Finally, I am actively fighting against the largest tax increase in American history, and preventing the expansion of the Alternative Minimum Tax.

The 110th Congress is currently engaged in an active debate regarding the future of Americans' tax burden. I take this debate seriously, and will continue to side with the overwhelming majority of 7th District taxpayers who believe in reducing - not increasing - Tennessee taxpayers' burden, and simplifying the tax code to achieve these results. You can be sure that as this debate continues, I will keep your support for a national sales tax in mind as Congress continues to debate the most effective way for reforming our tax code.

Please know that I appreciate both your interest and time in contacting us on this issue. As the discussion moves forward on this and other issues, please feel free to visit our website at www.house.gov/blackburn where you can sign-up for our email update, learn about constituent services, and find the latest legislative news and critical information that affects and concerns the people of Tennessee.


Marsha Blackburn

Member of Congress

We ALL need to get on the ball in contacting State candidates for governor and the various state legislature openings coming in 2010....as well as those remaining in position; in order to get state adoption of FAIR TAX.
This will help the National efforts.

Here's a link to the FAIR TAX being adopted at the State Levels: review it and send it to the reps so they can read & digest it.

Yes....I believe the FAIR TAX..IS gaining momentum; however....Still TOO MANY of the "entrenched, status quo" career politicians have their pockets lined and their positions locked to oppose such "FAIR" things as the "FAIR TAX"!
Heck, if we passed FAIR TAX there wouldn't be an economic CRISIS, either !!!


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