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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

3:30pm at the Baird Chpel of Memorial Hall

Will anyone be on hand to grill him regarding his stand on the Fair Tax? I'm afraid I have a prior commitment out of town and cannot attend even though I really want to be there.

In the past, the Fair Tax as an issue has really had an impact on Reps and Senators at local Town Hall meetings.

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Is this in Lebanon?
Yes, I believe so. I live in Mount Juliet a few miles away.
Mr Corker presented himself at the Wilson county republican meeting during the campaign last year. at that time he advised us that he was in favor of the FAIR TAX. He continued that his only hang up was in the transition. He was advised that there was a second book on the FAIR TAX but he said he hadn't read it. That statement of course left me only one response. I gave him my copy. He stated that he would read it and get back to us ( myself Phil Hoffman DD TN06 and James Baird -State Director.) To this date we have heard nothing. I emailed him several weeks ago but have had no response...... YES I WILL BE THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have also emailed and faxed Sen Corker on several occasions re: the Fair Tax. His snail mail replies stated he like the principle, was aware of the House bill, and would consider researching it further at the point it was introduced into the Senate. I replied via email as well as calling an aide to inform him that it HAD been introduced into the Senate as S. 296. No replies so far. I've also queried him as to whether he has actually "read" the book. Again, no reply.

As for the upcoming Town Hall Meeting, my plans have changed and I WILL be there along with my wife. I've considered whether or not to wear my Fair Tax T-shirt, but I think I will have a better chance of getting a question in if I don't become too obvious. What do you think?
What time is the meeting. I wonder if I can get off work and be up there myself...
well duh.... it was right there. sorry about that. I should have read much more carefully.


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