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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

This is an e-mail I received recently. It sounds good if its truly real.....has any others received this; and what do you make of it!??

Dear Bernie,

I’m an Obama state field organizer who loves the FairTax. It makes perfect sense to me and I’m encouraging other Democrats to join our fight.

I've always felt that it is the argument between Democrats and Republicans that makes us strong as a nation. The free and passionate exchange of very different ideas is only found in a nation comfortable with liberty and freedom of speech and the American people have always figured out the best course between differing viewpoints.

But with the FairTax, the partisan divisions that sometimes split us apart can be healed. Here is an idea that is actually good for everyone--except tax lobbyists, of course.

Can you help make the FairTax a reality for all Americans?

I can tell you that I believe, as should every Democrat, that this extensively researched idea is the best thing that could happen not just for Democrats or Republicans but for the United States.

We can still argue about how much and what to spend our national wealth on--and we surely will--but once you know the FairTax, it's pretty clear that there really shouldn't be any argument at all about adopting this well researched idea as a far better way to collect federal taxes.

First off, it will eliminate all federal taxes on those below the poverty line. That's important to the American dream and more and more people pulling themselves up by the bootstraps. The middle class will see a tremendous tax reduction as the tax base is enlarged to generate the same revenues now raised under the destructive income tax system.

Secondly, the FairTax will create a powerful magnet for investment in the United States. That means badly needed job growth. When you get right down to it, our tax system has become a huge barrier for the very healing growth that we all need so desperately.

We all need a tax system that doesn’t punish job creation, fiscal responsibility or a more honest accounting of spending.

Can anyone really say that is either Republican or Democrat? It’s American and our love of country should bring us all together for the FairTax.

It also means that we have to come together in our hometowns to bring back the voice of the average citizen to those in Washington who can’t hear us anymore. Personal advantage and narrow self-interest keep the income tax system going even though it’s hurting the country.

We have to bring the FairTax message into every household and get past the partisan divisions that have kept the FairTax from fair consideration on the "left" as well as the "right."

I’ve learned very well in the campaigns I’ve worked on that money makes the tactics and strategies possible.

Whether it's TV ads, local organizers, direct mail or Internet presence, it takes hard cash to make it happen.

It’s why I must ask you to help the FairTax campaign. We’ve just got to raise enough funds to recruit more, educate more and raise the temperature on Congress to point that they cannot stand in the way of the FairTax legislation that is now pending.

Can you help today with a contribution of $5, $10, $25 or $50?

It is an investment not just in this needed campaign but in the future of the United States, itself.

That’s how important the FairTax is, in my opinion, to repairing the damaged economy; creating jobs and putting America back on its feet now and for the coming generations of Americans.

Please step up to the plate and help us now.

If you are like me, you’ve been doing what you can locally. Thank you.

But this is the big picture work on the recruitment nationally that we need to bring the FairTax down the field toward enactment.

We need millions of our fellow citizens--from all parties--to push back against the tax lobbyists and self-interested in Washington. No one is better positioned to make that happen than Americans For Fair Taxation. But they need our help.

Please pause for just a moment and consider what your investment today could mean to you in the future--no personal federal income taxes, take home your whole paycheck and bring a new era of growth and financial health to the United States.

It’s worth it--and it’s needed.

Please help now with what you can best afford. As tough as times are right now--and I know they are--this is the best thing we can do to turn things around. If we all help a little, we can achieve a powerful result together.

Thanks for caring,

Jessica Wexler

PS We have to "trump" the influence of probably no more than 100,000 of the most powerful insiders in Washington. We already have more than 60 sponsors on pending FairTax legislation. We're on our way and with your help, we can rapidly build the numbers of Americans supporting the FairTax to get there. Please help out today for the good of the nation and your family.

Contributions to Americans For Fair Taxation are not tax deductible.

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Jessica Wexler is a member of FairTax Nation and she was a guest speeker at the storm the hill event we had at the IRS building on Sept. 11th.

She stated in her speech that she was an Obama supporter and also stated the reasons she thinks that this country needs the FairTax. The largely conservative crowd that assembled there loudly cheered her when she was done talking.

There are quite a few democrats who support FairTax and also support this site.

I'm very proud to have her on our team even if we disagree on other things.


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