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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25


by Phil Tuttobene on Facebook
I am opening this letter to the entire Internet to make a point.
Everyone loves to point fingers at everyone else when discussing why America is in the problem it is. Those that do not see that people that vote solely for Party or because they think someone can win simply do not get it.
Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the house wrote the letter attached to President Bush in 2004.
It represents the bait and switch I speak to everyone about so passionately.
I'm tired of conservatives blaming Dems and Im tired of Liberals blaming Republicans.
They both play one against each other to keep us in the game. I say STOP THE GAME and vote for a non career politician this time, just once and lets see if we can truly make a change.


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Sorry, but page 2 got pasted in first.....couldn't get it changed for some reason.

But I'd like to hear some feedback on this concerning how real progress can be made to get Hearings on this Bill in committee, and then debated on in the upcoming new House floor.
I'm confused, Bernie. Page 1 says it 1 of 3, and page 2 says it's 2 of 2. Are there 2 pages or 3? If there are 3, where's the third one? It's interesting that Pelosi and the others who signed the letter have all had a change of heart. Any enlightenment on that?

I've re-read this again and come to the conclusion that I would give something important to see the letter from Pelosi threatening to withdraw support from any democrat that supports the FairTax. Anybody have a source on that?


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