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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

This is a good idea Dave! I, myself am a lifetime member of the VFW. This could be a good thing for vets and the FT!

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I'm not a member of any of the veteran organizations even though I'm a vet. But I'm thinking I have a real reason too now.
I am glad to see this group start up. I do not know the number of veterans in the US, but I do know they are more supportive for the pro-country causes.

My first action is to mail them an informative package, each of us should do this, to each of the veteran organization posts around my 4 county area and start educating them and request that this website be put on the bulletin board and possibly come and speak about the Fair Tax Act HR25/S296.
Anyone have opinions on the best approach to get an American Legion or VFW post interested in having you speak to their members? I agree with mailing or otherwise delivering a packet of information. Personally I will probably start with a phone call to see if I can have a personal meeting with the leader to deliver the material and gain their support.

I'm also not currently a member of either organization. Do they have regular monthly meetings? Do they look for speakers on various topics like the social groups (Rotary, Lions, etc.)?

I mentioned in the general topic on starting a veteran's group that we could possibly use General Davis's theme called About Face, America. I called Representative Linder's office and they are going to see what they have in writing regarding his FairTax support. Meanwhile, I found a flyer from General Davis inviting veterans from a Georgia Post to a town hall meeting sponsored by "Veterans for Fair Taxation" with Representative Linder as a speaker.

I'll add that document in a new discussion along with his About Face Document in case anyone feels it might be helpful. I'll also will include links to the VFW and American Legion "Post Locator" pages that will make it easy to find posts in your area including addresses, phone numbers and leader. By the way Earl, according to General Davis's challenge, there are 27 million veterans in the US. That was the number he used in 2002.

As you make efforts to make these contacts, please post results/progress so we can all learn together.
Awesome job on that discussion, thanks!


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