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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Hi Jamie,
I'm working and studying and am going to help out on this fair tax campaign. I just started this discussion for people who are interested to post simple things for me and links for me and books to read etc. You don't need to write me a novel or anything like that. 3 or 4 good points to share with family and friends is a great place to start. I am telling everyone I meet and my family members, brothers and sisters about fair tax and will begin letters to the editor and informing local politians as I become more learned on the subject. Thank you all for your help. Go Fair Tax. Paul, A Fellow Patriot

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#1 "Read"!!! The FairTax Book by Neal Boortz. Another good is their 2nd book ANSWERING THE CRITICS!

PLEASE...go to www.vistaprint.com & place an order of business cards like the ones on "mypage" w/the calendar. The fisrt 250 are FREE!!!

My MOST used line of FairTax intro is, "Have you heard about the FairTax Legislation? It will put FICA, Medicare and Federal Tax Withholding back into EVERY one of your paychecks EVERY PAYDAY!" If I'm talking to a business owner I focus on the fact NO MORE PAYROLL taxes & no more FILING!!!

Thank you PAUL & All...YES WE CAN!!!
Thank you Jamie,
I'll find those books and get those cards. I'll check yours out and do a little Plagiarizing? Go Girl!!!!!!!!!!!
Paul, A Fellow Patriot
HI Jamie, I sent this in to Bachmanns website.

Dear Congress Woman Michele Bachmann,

We need you to join Sarah in this endeavour to save our country. Please read below and forward it to Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin. Thank you, Paul Goertz, A Fellow Patriot.

To All Progressives,

The "elites" don't understand conservatives what so ever. Sarah Palin pulled a brilliant end run. The pundits and demattacks did not win. They may think they ran her out, but the smart ones, (yes, there are at least one) realize that she is a threat. Who did the crowds come out to support? "Progressive McCain or Conservative Palin? I think they realize who, and that's why they have to destroy her. When all those progressive republicans back east saw the support for her, they got scared because they came to realize that they are on the chopping block also, and they are going to loose their power. Those progressives who are destroying the party and country need to get the boot big time. That's why she gets attacked. The progressives hate God Fearing Patriotic Americans who believe the founding fathers wrote the constitution to mean what it actually says. It was not designed to be a living and breathing and changing document anymore than your mortgage loan or car loan are. The west and Midwest need to save the party and get us back to our conservative roots and repeal the 16th and 17th amendments. We need to vote in reps. that will support the fair tax. Only those who support the Fair Tax as explained at FairTax.org will get our vote! Maybe, then just maybe we can save our country and constitution and start getting the Supreme Court back. If the republicans don't reform and do it, then we will get somebody who can!

Is there a lot to do? Yes. Can we handle more than one campaign or topic at a time? Yes. Is there a chance for Sarah Palin to sweep with our conservative support? Oh Yes. Can we wrest control from the Progressive Conservatives? YES WE CAN!

Paul Goertz, A Fellow Patriot


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