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Monetising FairTax Promotion

Dear FairTax Supporters,

I've been a member of FairTax since its debut in 1995.  Immediately prior to that I was a member of CATS for several years.  Citizens for Alternative Tax System. The last CATS meeting I attended was in 1994 I believe, at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.  The event featured two Congressional leaders debating the issue of Income tax Reform.

Congressman Dick Armey of Texas was pushing a FLAT TAX. Congressman Billy Tauzin of Louisiana was in…


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Supporting The Abolishment of Income Tax

Dear fellow FairTaxers,

Our founding fathers instinctively knew the evils of an income tax.  They knew from history how such a system could easily be manipulated to pit one group against another.

More importantly, they knew how an income tax could infringe on individual freedom.  Freedom was the most important element in our country's founding.  So, they prohibited an income tax in our constitution.

But, after several attempts in the late 1800s by politicians who…


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