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Dear FairTax Supporters,

I've been a member of FairTax since its debut in 1995.  Immediately prior to that I was a member of CATS for several years.  Citizens for Alternative Tax System. The last CATS meeting I attended was in 1994 I believe, at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.  The event featured two Congressional leaders debating the issue of Income tax Reform.

Congressman Dick Armey of Texas was pushing a FLAT TAX. Congressman Billy Tauzin of Louisiana was in favor of a National Retail Sales Tax that would replace the IRS and Income Tax.

In my opinion, Billy Tauzin had the better plan and won the debate.

Since joining FairTax I've traveled to Washington, D.C, one time and attended many local meetings. And spent thousands of dollars of my on in the process of promoting both CATS and FairTax.

The sad truth is that we are still a long way from getting the attention we need.  I'm a retired Marine Corps aviator and also a retired airline pilot.  I  will reach age 83 in June and still have the passion to see FairTax become law.

I have lived in congressional district 7, Alpharetta, Georgia, for the last 10 years.  My Congressman is Tom Price for the entire time I've

lived in Alpharetta. Tom is not only an outstanding congressional leader, he is also a strong supporter of the FairTax Bill.

Just a few days ago I became away of a funding system that I believe would give us the kind of money we need to get serious promoters behind the FairTax.

I have a website and am in the process of developing the FairTax as my special project.

Please take a look at my website and get on some of the webinars and conference call that will be coming up in the near future,


Best regards,

Dusty Rhodes

P.O. Box 4260
Alpharetta, GA 30023


cell 678-906-5013

Skype:  netabiz


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Comment by Dusty Rhodes on January 28, 2015 at 1:06pm

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