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Fairtax saves around 1.3 trillion every Presidential term

A three to four percent unemployment rate is considered full employment because people are moving between jobs, finishing one and moving to another. How are government employees enjoying a three to four percent full employment as shown at the link below at a time when private sector workers are losing homes and sacrificing, cutting back and their family's are doing without?…


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Revolution: Is it time?

Revolution: A sudden or momentous change. An industrial "revolution" a technology "revolution" "revolution" in manufacturing, automated assembly lines, "revolutionary" thought as in Galileo, Newton, Einstein, and the Wright Brothers.

Revolution: Any social or political transformation, as an example, the "American Republics Founding Father's revolutionary idea" of a limited government under a "constitutional compact" guaranteeing basic unalienable rights, rights forbidden by a "bill… Continue

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Value added tax= unrestrained hidden tax.

A form of "hidden national sales tax" that in my opinion can only be described as a politicians dream, that would be subject to manipulation at the "taxmaster's" and or the "politicians" will is now being proposed by some elected officials. It is a "value added tax" that is embeded into everything we purchase. At each step of the manufacturing process it is a cost that is passed on to the next phase. The logger sells to the mill, he pays a tax on the added value of forest products that now have… Continue

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