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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Value added tax= unrestrained hidden tax.

A form of "hidden national sales tax" that in my opinion can only be described as a politicians dream, that would be subject to manipulation at the "taxmaster's" and or the "politicians" will is now being proposed by some elected officials. It is a "value added tax" that is embeded into everything we purchase. At each step of the manufacturing process it is a cost that is passed on to the next phase. The logger sells to the mill, he pays a tax on the added value of forest products that now have enhanced value, the mill pays tax on the enhanced value they added by turning the logs into lumber, the cabinet maker pays tax on the value he added by turning the lumber into cabinets, it goes on through wholesalers, retailers and so on.
The consumer pays the embeded taxes without knowing that he has been taxed at every step of the process. Therefore the " value added tax' is a "national sales tax" by another name, and, it is off of peoples radar, hidden. Under the proposed system it would be a new tax, the "IRS" would logically expand to handle it, and, the "income tax" would remain. Imagine, a twenty or twenty-five percent "hidden sales tax" on top of the "IRS" burden which takes about 2.5 trillion out of our economy each year. Is there a viable honest and open alternative? In my humble opinion, yes, read the following.
The "Fairtax" a proposel that has been introduced into Gongress for some time now is not only a viable option, but, a common sense option to provde the needed revinue for government to operate as well. Are taxes necessary? Of course they are. "Taxes are the price we pay for a civilized society" this "IRS slogan" is correct, however it was taken from a court decision aginst them.
The proposed "Fairtax national sales tax" is now being proposed and already has a substantial following of politicains and average American citizens alike. The manner in which The "Fairtax" is structured prevents a regressive taxation aspect by untaxing the necessities of life for all. The "Fairtax" would keep the "tax system" open to the light of day and so would have protection from manipulation and abuse in the future.
Visit and do some research at Fairtax.org to learn the facts.
So the choice is "repeal of the sixteenth amendment" and no more "IRS" since it will no longer be needed, no longer relevent, hundreds of billions of resources saved by its abolishment, and, governent fully funded. No more "IRS" debtors in a bebtor's prison scenario. You choose, an "IRS" with dedtor's prisons, ruined lives, and, costing us hundreds of billions a year to pay for to support the "IRS system." Business resources no longer wasted on "IRS" compliance, the "Fairtax Pays for everything. No deductions from your paycheck, you take home one-hundred percent. You choose after researching the site WWW.Fairtax.org, a national sales tax that frees the individual, frees business to invest resources to expand, too advance oppurtinities to create jobs, or, for all intents and purposes, a national sales tax in your future as a comming atraction that incorperates the "IRS" and a hidden national sales tax.

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Comment by Nancy L. Gatchel on June 2, 2009 at 3:24pm
The VAT is just what we need, if we want to further decrease transparency and pay yet more to a government that doesn't know how to manage money, as evidenced by our current state of affairs. Rather than broaden the tax base, our goofy government continues to flush business down the toilet and out of the country and doesn't permit trillions of U.S. to remain in the country. Just how stupid is that?!?

Our federal government needs a course in economics and capitalism 101.

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