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Fair Tax a 10 Year Transition...

in response to a blog by Bruce Robertson on November 15, 2010

Wow, I just found your blog post and am in agreement with your views. I also feel that a phase-in of the Fair Tax rate over a 10 year period, corresponded to an incremental decrease to our tax code liability would be in the best interests both the Fed and society. This will provide real numbers per…


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3.17.14 PopVox Status on H.R. 25

Latest Popvox info on H.R.25 http://pvox.co/r58mRc. Of 4619 users 93% (4283 users) favor the bill as written.


H.R 25 Reports



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The Pure Insanity that is the IRS

This is often overlooked by citizens that don't question the reality that is right in front of there noses. This reality is that we control the government not the contrary. We do this with our voices, our participation and our vote. Take a little time to ponder this video before asking yourself how did it get this insane.



To make your voices heard join us here at Americans for Fair Tax (AFFT) at …


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A New Way to Find Representatives & Congressman

Hi, Ken from Delaware speaking to you today about a site that helps you track and VOTE on active Legislative Bills.

PopVox.com is a superb site that helps all americans do just that with ease.

PopVox is latin for voice of…


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