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Hi, Ken from Delaware speaking to you today about a site that helps you track and VOTE on active Legislative Bills.

PopVox.com is a superb site that helps all americans do just that with ease.

PopVox is latin for voice of the people and our voices can now reverberate throughout the halls and chambers with lightening speed. 

One great function I cherish is the ability to sign-up for email alerts that chime me in when a Bill I added to my favorites is coming up for vote or committee activity.

I took this brief snippet that helps explain the mission of PopVox and how it can help us stay closer to Congress and the issues that matter.

"...Any bill introduced in Congress gets its own page on PopVox; organizations and people can then log on to the site to express support or opposition to specific pieces of legislation. PopVox verifies addresses, so legislators can be sure the messages they receive actually represent their constituencies. And PopVox integrates directly where possible with communications systems within Congress (such as the House Democrats’ Intranet, DemCom; House Republicans and the Senate lack comparable systems)."

source: http://www.fastcompany.com/3017283/most-creative-people/how-popvox-...

PopVox Video's

PopVox Intro & Sign-up

(I recommend start 3:30 this begins the PopVox guide and ends at 16:30)

Thanks Maineprepper for explaining the PopVox sign-up


PopVox Explainer:

Weekly Video Commentary on Congressional Issues

Thanks Marci Harris and Charlie Mitchell for your invaluable service.

That's it for today. If you have a tool, idea or site that will help inform Americans how to get involved join us today at Fair Tax Nation.

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