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Here's some questions I've been asked about the Auto Industry:

How do you see the structure of the US auto industry in 5 years from now? 10 years? Will there still be a Big Three? Will imports increase or decrease in sales?

My Answers:

The auto industry should have been trying to "compete" before now. For Chrysler & GM, its probably too late.
Ford is the only one that had half the sense to get their act together without government funding. I applaud them!
Taking handouts without changing your bad habits is no way to solve anyone's problems! Until these companies make competitive moves mostly pertaining to streamlining their strategic marketing and production plans; AND re-negotiating employee terms with the UAW, etc.....it will be a lost cause.
The industry in general will re-bound, companies like Ford will just gain more market share!

and further(a follow-up):
Some good questions, Scott. Alot of folks would prob like to have the answers, but my take on it is that I believe the industry will become more fragmented... there won't be any more of the GM-style conglomerates that try to balance the operations of so many diverse segments under one roof. Most companies in the industry will be forced back to becoming very efficient and highly competetive but in smaller, well-defined markets. Even Ford will have to shed some more extraneous models.

The import/export issue will be solely up to the tax structure left in place after all this "change" takes place.
Personally, I think we remain on the wrong path unless
our Administration and Congress decide to ignore their own pocketbooks, the IOU's of Lobbyists, etc......
and adopt the FAIR TAX.

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