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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

You have probably been getting updates from AFFT in Houston regarding the big media and membership push. Once this gets going we will not stop until the FairTax is the law of the land. This campaign will kick off as soon as they finish the fundraising necessary, which should be very soon. Perhaps a month or less.

We have to be ready at the grassroots level. We need to take an inventory, so to speak, of those among us who are willing to be speakers at meetings and gatherings. As the drive progresses, citizens will be questioning the FairTax and wanting to learn more. That is where we come in with speakers to go where they are and to educate them.

As these meetings take shape one of the important things to be sure to cover is securing their commitment to the FairTax. We will need to encourage all attendees to sign up through Houston or have a sign up sheet with us so we can collect the data for our own districts and then forward to Houston.

Training can be arranged for anyone who wants to speak but is a little unsure of themselves.
Being prepared will allow us to educate others, grow our numbers and facilitate the passage of the FairTax.

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