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Da Blues... "Who Loves Us the Most?" Tee Shirt

The Bumper Sticker at Blue Collar Republicans is "Jesus Loves You, and Allah wants you DEAD!" i would like all FairTaxers who want to capture the working class at the next rally to link into my Da Blues Group here. I think I have at least a cool Tee Shirt idea that brings together ALL Americans to shout out how upset we are with Income Taxation and those who do nothing to get rid of it all. If you are new to the FairTax and are in South Florida or would like to use "Da Blues" idea at FairTax rallies this summer then feel free to comment or make suggestions so I can get this Tee Shirt ready for production. Thanks.

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Comment by Jim Tomasik on May 5, 2009 at 1:43pm
what is the link to the group?

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