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What if our FairTax had a Trigger Clause in it

I am forecasting a little.. but to foreseeing an economy similar to our current one under the FairTax... and with No Way to bring back an income tax... a trigger tax to protect lower wage workers in a bad economy could be created...

I have designed a post card sized document for us to review and comment on... this idea is really "true blue" and don't forget to order the Get on Board the FairTax Train T-shirt… Continue

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New Members Only Raffle... 6 winners take 100% of ....

I need you to join my group if you think we could sponsor in our districts any new member

after they check out the FairTax website.... and if in our membership they can see that it

would be good for them...

Our target group is any single person making less than $35,000 to win up to $50,000

in a raffle with up to 5,000 newly sponsored members into AFFT (www.fairtax.org)

It would be nice if we could discuss this to give anyone a… Continue

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Survey for Possible Contest to Win

Hi Folks... Da Blues have an idea... if you like it... simply join Da Blues... details will follow...


src="http://www.surveymonkey.com/jsPop.aspx?sm=ViobWmzBsGP5P1JKnE3dEA_3d_3d"> </script>

You should get a pop up to take a survey that I created... I am looking for 10 who support this idea to

attend a meeting about a contest every 6 months to attract up to 5,000 new FairTax members...

This contest is not a funds raiser... as 100%… Continue

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Da Blues... "Who Loves Us the Most?" Tee Shirt

The Bumper Sticker at Blue Collar Republicans is "Jesus Loves You, and Allah wants you DEAD!" i would like all FairTaxers who want to capture the working class at the next rally to link into my Da Blues Group here. I think I have at least a cool Tee Shirt idea that brings together ALL Americans to shout out how upset we are with Income Taxation and those who do nothing to get rid of it all. If you are new to the FairTax and are in South Florida or would like to use "Da Blues" idea at FairTax… Continue

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How Much... for Inquiring minds Op-Ed Idea

Take for example the Avg Congressman's best years in today's dollars and privately

ask him.... or better yet the average family of six? and ask them (or yourself if the shoe


How Much would you be able to spend IF the FairTax was in place when

you were raising (or if currently raising) your children?

Somebody with the facts could easily weave a story about theFairTax

(I am not a good writer) and get it published...

We just need the best… Continue

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