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New Members Only Raffle... 6 winners take 100% of ....

I need you to join my group if you think we could sponsor in our districts any new member
after they check out the FairTax website.... and if in our membership they can see that it
would be good for them...

Our target group is any single person making less than $35,000 to win up to $50,000
in a raffle with up to 5,000 newly sponsored members into AFFT (www.fairtax.org)

It would be nice if we could discuss this to give anyone a chance to receive a check
just like Publisher's sweepstakes has done...

I have designed a couple of RAFFLE tickets... but haven't figured out how to get YOU
to purchase a book of 20... along with another from each of the 435 districts for starters...
In actuality if we got enough benefactors to reach 5,000 new members into www.fairtax.org...
to participate in the 50% 1st place opportunity to win $50,000 in cash...

We could be printing RAFFLE tickets every 5 months... and who knows, those new members
might become sponsors and purchase a booklet of 20...for RAFFLE #2, #3, #4... DATED

With the right incentives to review the FairTax Calculator... young voters could easily join
and AFFT will be able to post the winners (if such a sweepstakes, raffle could be made legal)

I think if I have $400 and held my own raffle to advance someone from my district into an even
bigger RAFFLE let's say (Stage 2...)... I could mail back to AFFT the names of the new members
to include their e-mail address and street address and they could mail back a welcome letter
for becoming FairTax members...

One winner out of 20 would get a new member from my district (who is single and making less
than $35,000 yearly, I nice extra and possibly taxable chunk of change...

But AFFT could hold a 2ND stage RAFFLE with 435 other contestants NOV 1, 2010 435 X 400 COULD
GET ONE WINNER 50% OR $87,000... SLIGHTLY MORE THAN my original idea of limiting the entrants
to 5,000...

The question is can we get one sponsor or 3 to purchase a booklet of 20 RAFFLE tickets for their

And the other question is... can we legally conduct such a RAFFLE?

Anyways... get aboard the FairTax Train... get a T shirt and simply invite others to check out
the FairTax Calculator and get their e-mail address... IF this Raffle idea is a go... then fill out
their information and ask me at Da Blues if we have a State Coordinator or another in your
District that has already purchased a Raffle Ticket Booklet for a Bargain cost of just $2.00..
When it is filled... simply send in your Raffle ticket to AFFT and (upon approval) they will bill
you for the $400...

To order your Raffle ticket booklet... leave me a message... and any benefactor that wants
to purchase 20,000 at a time will be able to get a booklet of 20 Raffle tickets for around 4 cents
a piece Plus $2.95 shipping and handling...

I have to talk to the Printing Company about this some more to get a better rate..

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