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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25 and S 18

Embedded Taxes, this concept is key!

FairTax~ the concept of embedded taxes is very important to understanding the fairtax. This is where we lose lots of people, so let's see if a simple explanation can win them back.

It's very simple if a toaster costs $100 before the fairtax it will costs $100 after the fairtax is implemented. Currently their is a 22% embedded fed tax on everything you purchase. Consisting of taxes on materials, tax burden of employees that make the products and Corporate taxes paid out by the business, which by the way Corp taxes are nothing more than double taxation on the consumers and share holders. It's a fact that the end consumer always pays the tax man.

Back to our toaster, since under the fairtax all of these tax burdens are removed the toaster now costs $78, and believe me, competitive market forces will dictate that the businesses will drop their prices by the amount saved in taxes. Now we take our toaster and tack on the 23% inclusive fairtax. What are we left with, a $100 dollar toaster purchased with someone's entire paycheck.

Not to mention the monthly prebate they will recieve based on family size. That's true purchasing power and you still easily have settled your federal tax burden. No more need to worry about April 15th.

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