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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25 and S 18

FairTax is a revolutionary change in the relationship between government and its citizenry! Currently American citizens are represented by congress, but not before our amazing elected representatives take care of the K-Street lobbyists.

Lobbyists exists for one reason, to represent their companies or individual concerns and try and take advantage of available tax loopholes. In all honesty, who can blame companies for sending lobbyists to DC to try and protect as much of their capital from the hands of government as possible.

The issue is the corruption that eminates from such a system. Lobbyists get access to tax favors through bribes, campaign contributions, favors to individual politicians, etc... All of this has a direct impact on your representation in Washington. Instead of your concerns and your campaign contributions determining your representation, they are essentially bought and paid for before you even know what happened.

With the FairTax, the 16th ammendment and 67,000 pages of tax clutter are thrown out the door. The FairTax eliminates income, payroll, AMT, death, corp, capital gains taxes.... and replaces them with a simple 23% inclusive consumption tax levied on new retail goods or services. With the simplification of our tax code lobbyists can finally go home to their freinds and family! There will no longer be a need for businesses to have representation in Washington because they will no longer carry a tax burden, of which the consumer always bares in the end in the form of higher prices. With these changes politicians will once again focus on the constituents that reside in their districts.

One last thing, the government will cover your tax burden with a prebate up to the poverty level. This will allow you through spending habits to grab hold of your government and force them to listen to you. Simply purchase less retail goods and services. Your representatives will listen to you very quickly when their beloved tax revenue begins drying up.

Bottom line, If you want to take your power back, and once again have a voice in this great representative republic, stand up and demand the FairTax.

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