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July 4th Watch the First Ever FairTax TV Show!!

Make It a FairTax Fourth of July
Fireworks will color the night skies across America, replicating the “rocket’s red glare…”.

We will once again celebrate our struggle, sacrifice and determination to break away from a distant government, unfair taxes and the arbitrary and capricious rule of kings.

And in homes across the nation the FairTax will be seen and heard in our first national TV broadcast on Fox Business News at 1:30 p.m. eastern time.

Go here for a preview. http://www.fairtax.org/site/PageServer?pagename=FairtaxTVShowJuly4th

It’s the Fourth of July…our American celebration of our hard-won victory for independence. It is also the definition of our campaign to win enactment of the FairTax.

“We, the people…” will remember, in between the ribs and watermelon, swimming and fireworks, that Americans brought forth a new idea in the history of the world…that the governed can determine the power of government--instead of the other way around.

We FairTaxers are working once again to shift power from a distant government to the American people. We are a growing citizen force to end unfair taxation all over again. We are in the vanguard of those who will bring about a better future and healthier nation against special interests, arrogant leaders and a corrupt and aristocratic political class.

This year, as our Gulf Coast neighbors struggle to save their beaches and estuaries, our countrymen struggle with floods across the mid-west, as upheaval politics redefines the power of incumbency and as we struggle as nation to recover, let’s reflect on our journey as a nation. It has not been a bed of roses.

In our darkest hour, General Washington’s soldiers marched in tattered uniforms and bare bleeding feet across the snow and ice to surprise the Hessian mercenaries and turn the tide of our Revolutionary War. That courage, toughness and plain dogged stubbornness is America through and through.

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Comment by D Green on July 14, 2010 at 4:01pm
Laura, thank you for your speedy, passionate, and thoughtful response.

I understand where you are coming from and agree with your frustration regarding the current system.

As I stated before I believe in law and order. The issue of the income tax, and the subsequent abuses of its enforcement, does not mean I am against paying "any" tax. I am willing to pay any lawful tax, at this time I pay over 68 different taxes as do most people. Although, I am not willing to support, or participate, in trading one lawless tax for another. I asked before how this "fair tax", as Mr. Boortz says is supported by millions in research, complies with the US Constitution? Has everyone overlooked this little issue?

Law is the issue here. I won't sell my childrens' future down the river by further undermining the Constitution because I want what I "think" will be better (although STILL unlawful) but is likely to be worse as the gov seems to always find a way to make everything worse. Such as income tax PLUS the fair tax because congress found a way to get desperate people to accept their "promises", or one of many other scams they are known for, and they pulled a fast one and then we will be stuck with both, at gun point I.E. IRS. Keep in mind that ALL, 100%, of laws are enforced at the end of a gun. I read somewhere that this type of scenario happened in New Zealand. The people thought they were substituting one tax for another and the gov stuck them with both. This does not surprise me, even a little.

Why is it unreasonable to expect the Fed gov to adhere to the USC as it did pre-WW1 when it ran a HUGE surplus enforcing Constitutional taxes at that time?

I refuse to accept a debt that pre-existed my birth, I don't care how it is packaged. This concept is metaphorical chains put on me upon exiting my mothers' womb, aka slavery. I won't participate in shackling my children with a new version of the same old tyrrany.

Simply because something like it exists today does not mean it is lawful/Constitutional.

If it isn't lawful/Constitutional then I won't participate. I won't be an oath breaker like the majority of Americans! I swore to protect the USC/USA, not undermine, subvert, make excuses or outrite attack it.

Please understand that I believe fear is the #1 enemy of all people. It causes people to make poor decisions, usually compromising on what is right. I believe fear of the gov is the primary motivation for the desperation behind this fair tax. If the people put their energy into making our "public servants" obey the existing laws we could have it better than any alternative. Law and order is the objective, NOT "might makes right" as it is now and would continue to be under the fair tax or any other compromise with our public "masters".

Until "the people" put the gov in their place and show them who is boss and that they WILL render unto Caesar that which is Caesars' (we the people in this country are Caesar not our employees) and fear US we will not have freedom no matter how many little suplications and agreements our masters allow us to have. I will not grovel to tyrrants. They are compleletly unaccountable now and won't give us redress nor answer ANY legitimate questions. I have no respect for this gov system, it is rotten to the core. I won't bow down to them. I refuse to be cowered by fear and I hope you, and all Americans, also will choose not to be mastered by fear as well.

I am not trying to be argumentative. If you can show me how it is legal/Constitutional I will consider it and present it to the county guard/ law club that I belong to.

Be Blessed,
Comment by Laura McCue on July 14, 2010 at 2:47pm
I just want to make a couple of corrections in answer to your questions. To begin with if you do not feel that you should have to pay any taxes to this government that has run amok then nothing about the FairTax would appeal to you no matter what I say. If we have to have some sort of Federal tax, I want it to be on consumption rather than production, or investments and savings. You get more of what you subsidize and lesss of what you tax. We've got it all backwards now. I like the fact that The FairTax does separate the individual from the government. The IRS would no longer exist to audit individuals although some organization would exist to monitor that businesses are real. No more receipts to save, no more tax filing on April 15th or any other day for the individual. If you choose operate a business then you will charge and collect the Fairtax, turn it into your state government tax collection office each month, and get reimbursed .25% for your efforts. The state will send the tax to the Federal government...just like our forefathers intended. Heck the state sales tax works this way already. How hard would it be to add collection of the FairTax? The documentation would be minimal. A business owner would need to possess a certification of such that he could produce when buying goods/services from other businesses so he would not pay any tax since there is no business to business FairTax collection. That's not too hard. And addressing your last concern...the prebate checks are not distributed based on your income. Your prebate is determined by two things. The size of your family and the governments annual poverty level income determination for that family size. For example, I have four citizens who are members of my family. Poverty level spending for a family of four in 2009 was about $29,000. The 23% FairTax for that poverty level of spending would be about $6700 annually paid monthly. So that my family would never pay tax on basic neccesities we would receive a prebate check for about $558 each month. Now we can spend it on whatever we want or save it. It's our decision and we never had to report income to receive the prebate. Bill Gates and his family of four would receive the same check. Your income does not matter. The only reason the government would have any continuing reason to know your income would be for reporting by your employer for the purposes of qualifying for social security. I'm mad as heck about the debt, the runaway government, and probably everything you are mad about, but the fact is that today you've got about 4 choices for any federal taxation in this country...The FairTax HR 25, The Flat Tax HR 1040, the VAT on top of the current income tax (this is the worst of all scenarios), and more monkeying around with the current income tax code of 70,000+ pages. Take your pick and support it. I like the FairTax.
Comment by D Green on July 14, 2010 at 12:30pm
I am dedicated to being open minded but I believe in law and order. This is what makes people civilized. How is the fair tax constitutional? How is the fair tax adhering to the apportionment clause of the USC? According to proponents of the fair tax it seems that the government will be MORE involved in my life, not less, with all the documentation, inspections at the border, interactions with the governement, proving my income level for prebate checks, etc.

Do supporters of the fair tax assume that the Grace Commision Report, under Ronald Reagan,which claimed that "not one nickel was left over after paying INTEREST on the national debt" from income taxes was a lie and that we should be paying ANYTHING to this lawless government as our taxes don't pay for anything anyway? I refuse to accept a debt that predated my birth, that is slavery!

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