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Fair Tax

An Issue for Winners

Under the FairTax, almost everyone is a Winner.

Opponents of the FairTax live in a make-believe world where they try to claim “it will never happen”, or that “it’s a political loser”, but in reality the FairTax is a Winner.

Candidates in the 2010 election who strongly supported the FairTax won 86% of their races. Even candidates who only gave the FairTax tepid support won 44% of their races. By contrast, similar candidates who didn’t support the FairTax won only 22% of their races.

Conservatives Win with the FairTax because it reduces the size, scope and power of government over the lives of the People, and prevents IRS intrusion into the lives of all Americans.

The poor are Winners with the FairTax because it helps break the poverty cycle and provides a path to independence and personal responsibility.

American businesses and workers are Winners with the FairTax because it untaxes business, increases competitiveness, and will return American jobs to American workers.

The Constitution is a Winner under the FairTax, because, as the Sixteenth Amendment is repealed, the original Vision of Our Founders is restored.

The Fair Tax

Once you understand it,

You’ll demand it!!

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Comment by John Vettel on May 28, 2012 at 5:37pm

Hey Marilyn - 

   I went to FiveforFairTax.org and got a GoDaddy message that the domain had expired.  Obviously, I found out nothing.  What is it?  And someone needs to renew the domain very soon.

Cheers -


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