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Please Stop the Borrow-and-Spend "Stimulus" Bill and Consider the FairTax

I subscribe to Townhall Spotlights which provided much of the content for the following letter. I personalized this letter with information about the FairTax and just faxed to our president, my California State senators, and the Senate Majority and Minority leaders...


Dear President Obama and Senators Feinstein, Boxer, Reid, and McConnell,

The $819 billion “stimulus” package approved by the House last week and the nearly $900 billion version now under consideration in the Senate would add to a federal deficit already projected to reach a record $1.2 trillion this year. This bill is not only one of the largest spending measures ever to pass through Congress, it will cost more over two years than we’ve spent to date on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan!

The bill’s ability to fulfill its stated mission of stimulating the economy is also questionable at best. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has concluded that more than half of the hundreds of billions of dollars in infrastructure spending contained in the bill, such as $26 billion of the $30 billion allocated for highways and $15.5 billion of the $18.5 billion for renewable energy projects, will not take place for more than two years -- long after economists predict the current recession will have ended.

What’s more, the tax cuts in the package are narrowly targeted, with the largest portion going to more rebate checks, a strategy that failed to reverse our economy's slide last year.

Even worse, the bill contains all sorts of special-interest and congressional pet spending projects that have virtually nothing to do with economic growth. As just one example, it allocates $335 million to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. Not only will this “healthcare” spending do nothing for the health of our economy, CDC has a track record of using such funds for events like a transgender beauty pageant in San Francisco and a conference, entitled “Got Love? Flirt/Date/Score,” that taught participants how “to flirt with greater finesse.”

Rather than burdening today’s and tomorrow’s taxpayers with this massive government spending spree, Congress should create more incentives and opportunities for private-sector jobs and growth by making our country a business friendly environment. Eliminating Corporate and Payroll Taxes (which are both part of the FairTax bill) will enable U.S. Corporations to compete better domestically against foreign competition as well as globally in general. What we need is our manufacturing and industrial base back. You cannot keep propping up sectors that can't be farmed out to companies abroad - sectors like housing and finance... These bubbles have burst. Re-inflating them would require creating a hyper-inflationary environment which would cause tremendous pain and suffering to all sectors of our economy.

The FairTax would make our country our great nation the most business friendly nation in the world. Implementation of the FairTax would, within a matter of months, repatriate an estimated $13 trillion of U.S. wealth held in foreign lands currently avoiding abusive Capital Gains tax. Manufacturing and Industry would return along with plant buildout and supporting business services with a result of bringing jobs, prosperity, and economic security back to our lands. The FairTax clears the way to wealth creation vs. lean primarily on wealth redistribution which will lead to wealth destruction.

The FairTax would also have the added benefit of eliminating the highly embarrassing tax issues that have plagued politicians such as Charlie Rangle and cabinet appointees Geitner and Daschle.

Please give the FairTax proper consideration as a solution that will provide massive benefit to our economy and national and individual prosperity. Regardless of your consideration of the FairTax, if the Senate follows the House’s lead and passes this borrow-and-spend "stimulus" bill, it will waste record amounts of tax dollars, provide virtually no benefit to the economy, and only add to our nation's soaring liabilities.

Please do take time to learn more about the FairTax. You can learn much by doing an internet search of "FairTax video". Add the name "Mike Gravel" to the search to get Democratic Senator Gravel's positive view of the FairTax. Add the name "Saxby Chambliss" to the search to get Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss' to see positive remarks by Senator Chambliss about the FairTax.


Arthur P. Villa

Copy to my blog on www.fairtaxnation.com

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Comment by Raymond Chuang on February 4, 2009 at 7:19am
Best letter I've read in quite a while. :-)

Besides the potential of a large fraction of that estimated US$10 to US$16 TRILLION in assets now owned by Americans now sitting offshore returning to the USA, would could see another US$5 to US$7 TRILLION more in new liquidity come to the USA from foreigners taking advantage of the USA being the world's largest legal tax haven. In short, instead of a governmental US$819 billion bailout we'll have a private bailout worth as high as US$17 TRILLION! :-D This amount makes the US$819 billion look like a drop of water in a big lake.
Comment by Dave Sibole on February 4, 2009 at 5:59am
This is not an endorsement of Mike Huckabee but I'm posting it because he includes as part of his solution to the economic problem, the Fair Tax. This was posted on Fox News. (I think it may have been his closing comments last week, I'm not sure.)

I learned a few tricks and tactics while I was a lieutenant governor and governor for over 13 1/2 years. And one thing is that when someone is in a hurry to pass legislation, you'd better slow it down because the reason to hurry a law is rarely urgency to help the citizens, but urgency to get it passed before people find out what the heck it really is.

A lot of legislation is like garbage and it's garbage the first day in the can, but if it sits there long enough, it really starts smelling.

Congress knows that the so-called stimulus bill is garbage, but hope it gets voted on before it sits there long enough to start smelling.

If you sent your kid to college and in less than a month he spent all the money you sent with him for the semester and then, on top of that, maxed out the credit card you loaned him for extreme emergencies, what would you do?

Would you say, hey, let me give you even more money than before and another credit card, but don't tell me how you spent that first bunch of money and it's not even necessary to tell me how you'll spend the new money I'm sending?

Not hardly. You'd want a full accounting of what he did with all your money since you now have to work even harder to replace it.

And, before you gave him any more, you'd put very strict controls on how he spends it.

Congress must think we're stupid. And maybe we are: We did send these guys back.

But they've spent all the money we sent them in taxes. They've run up a debt that our children and even grandchildren will have to pay and they don't really even know what they've done with the money.

Somehow, they think that if we're in this horrible mess because they spent, borrowed and squandered billions, they can fix it if we just let them spend, borrow and squander trillions.

And we even have a new treasury secretary to oversee it all — who didn't know how to use TurboTax and didn't pay his own taxes for four years and had an illegal immigrant working in his house.

Here's the Huckabee plan:

Term limits for members of Congress — 12 years and go home.

Instead of automatic pay raises, you lose 2 percent of your congressional salary every year you don't balance the budget.

We end the congressional pension and you have to go into the same Social Security system we're in.

You get a fixed amount for health insurance and you pay for half of yours and all your family's and you go into the marketplace and buy it like we do.

You pass the "fair tax" and eliminate the burden on businesses and individuals trying to create jobs and you close the IRS — especially since the guy you just confirmed to run it doesn't even know he's supposed to pay taxes.

That's a start, but I have some other ideas that I'll bring up in future weeks.

If you want more information on the outrageous examples of waste in this pathetic pork-laden piece of **&^, go to my Web site at mikehuckabee.com and let me know what you think.

That's my view, I would love to hear yours. E-mail your comments to: huckmail@foxnews.com
Comment by Art Villa - Global Perspective on February 3, 2009 at 4:47pm
I have the fax numbers for the above elected officials as well my representative, the speaker, and the house minority leader stored in my contact list with an ability to send to all at once which makes it fairly easy. I intend to keep sending with a cc to this blog to let them know that they aren't the only ones exposed to my thoughts...


Comment by Karen Hunter on February 3, 2009 at 1:24pm
Excellent article Art! Thank you so much. We all need to contact Democratic and Republican Senators now. I say NO Stimulus PERIOD. All we need is Fair Tax.

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