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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Why tax only American Jobs?

More than one third of our nation’s income comes from Social Security taxes , because people work. More than another third of our income comes from income taxes on the salaries and wages of people who work. Most of the rest comes from taxes on employers, much of it because they hire workers. All of these taxes have to be embedded in the prices charged for things made by American labor.

Now ask yourself! Where doesn’t our nation’s income come from? In our highly automated global economy very few goods and services are mainly produced by American workers. Most are made elsewhere, by outsourced labor, or by the miraculous machines and computers of our modern era.

Professional athletics, rock concerts, CD’s, software, music downloads, movies, TV, cable, imports, and outsourced labor are just a few examples of areas that are not American labor intensive. They make some people incredibly rich, while they contribute very little to our nation’s wellbeing.

A well designed tax on consumption (sales tax) would not be regressive and would garner income to support our nation’s needs not only from things made by American labor, but most importantly also from the multitude of goods and services that are produced with little American labor.
A well devised consumption tax could:
Replace Social Security and income taxes
Put Social Security and healthcare funding on a more secure basis
Reduce the cost of having employees
Encourage investment in American Businesses
Reduce the cost of our exports

Our income taxes are 100 years old. Social Security Taxes 75 years old. Both are antiquated and inappropriate in a highly automated global economy

Ideas are inherently conservative. They yield not to the attack of other ideas but to the massive onslaught of circumstances with which they cannot contend. (John Kenneth Galbraith, The Affluent Society, chapter on Conventional Wisdom)

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