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The Cain Train and 9-9-9: The Wooly Mammoth Tax Code will live On!!

I like Herman Cain! But Mr. Cain has taken a path on tax reform that is marginalizing the efforts of the legions of FairTax advocates who have worked tirelessly for years to bring about true tax reform. He insists that we need a ‘stepping stone’, called ‘9-9-9’, to get to the FairTax. This position and the implementation of 9-9-9 will ensure that we will never get meaningful tax reform, or at least have it tabled for another 30 years or so. Sure, 9-9-9 will initially simplify our current code and help create a better economic environment, which will give the politicians another argument to say that things are great – we don’t need to do any more! Then the tinkering will begin all over again – just like after the 1986 Tax Simplification Act, and the 20,000 plus changes that give us what we have today.  And with 9-9-9, the politicians will have the existing income tax, a new European-style corporate VAT tax, and a new consumption tax to tinker with.


So the prettied up Wooly Mammoth tax code will live on if Mr. Cain has his way. We have tried to find some common ground in this process. The leadership of Georgians for Fair Taxation has had several conversations with the architects of 9-9-9 and has made suggestions for changes in their approach and potential legislation, that might possibly get our support. That effort started several months ago, but to date no positive response has resulted from those discussions. Therefore, it is our considered judgment that 9-9-9 must be relegated to the same position as all the other ‘flat tax’ and ‘changing the numbers’ proposals, and be fully and completely opposed by all FairTax proponents. We simply cannot afford to delay the passing of true tax reform to remove the major empowerment of politicians over our lives and livelihood. The Wooly Mammoth Tax Code must die!!


All FairTax advocates must continue their efforts to recruit more supporters, donate to support our initiatives, and contact their legislators and candidates, particularly those that have gotten on the 9-9-9 wagon, and let them know that you will not support them if they continue on that path. The time is now to make the stand and not compromise this country’s future for political expediency! 


Jim Duffie, State Director

Georgians for Fair Taxation, Inc.

Georgians for FairTax


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Comment by Jordan Williamson on June 25, 2012 at 5:36pm

Mary, I wrote a study of the 9-9-9 plan which you can find herehttp://fairtaxcometh.com/2012/04/23/9-9-no/  The 9-9-9 is a little more complicated than the hype would suggest. Jim you have it absolutely right! 

Comment by Mary E Munisteri on June 10, 2012 at 10:54am

Is there anywhere that we can get a side by side, or any other, comparison of the FairTax and the 9-9-9 plan? Something like that would be very handy to have when trying to convince 9-9-9er's that the FairTax is the better and best way to go.

Comment by cary henderson on June 5, 2012 at 1:56pm

It was in the news this morning that Boortz is retiring and Herman Cain will take his place on the show. Now Cain will have a platform from which to continue his 999 promotion. We as FairTaxers need to organize around this somehow. We need to put this 999 crap to bed and for good before the mainstrean media starts jumping on his bandwagon and trying to push the 999 forward.

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