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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

The FairTax has to be non-partisan and we have to reach all parties

Part of my strategy to get grassroot support and Congressional co-sponsors is to get bi-partisan support for the FairTax.


Along those lines, last fall our team reached out to all of the Congressional candidates in our district. We had five candidates in the general election and two Fair Tax supporters. The Green party candidate was intrigued and by following up with him I managed to get to speak at the NJ Green Party state convention last weekend.


I researched the Green Party to see what their main issues are and which could be dove-tailed with the FairTax. They have 10 key values. Those are: 

Grassroots Democracy

Social Justice & Equal Opportunity

Ecological Wisdom



Community-Based Economics

Feminism & Gender Equity

Respect for Diversity

Personal and Global Responsibility

Future Focus/Sustainability


You can view a video of my talk here:



They paid close attention and some seem genuinely intrigued with the idea. But one of their main concerns is progressivity. Some grasped the prebate, but one audience member seemed to ignore that and said he felt it wasn't progressive enough. (I think he wants the top rate at 70% or preferably 90%.)


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