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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Withdrawing financial support from BIG Money Interests is part of the solution!

We here on the FairTaxNation site all know that it is the problem starts with BIG Money Special Interests… the same folks who block FairTax legislation including...

- BIG Pharma lobbies for special treatment and ends up with subsidization of drugs via Medicaid

- BIG Agra lobbies for required pesticide and GMO legislation

- BIG Finance lobbies for mandatory insurance and receives bail-outs, subsidies, etc.

- BIG Energy suppresses cheap abundant energy to existing BIG Energy interests

The list goes on and on with subsidies, tax credits, special projects, etc. They try to fool us with their slick public relations campaigns but many of us are awakening to the fact that while they have highly visible community project “X” going on… they are lobbying for unfair special treatment that kills healthy completion behind the scenes.

This FairTaxNation community is making tremendous headway in keeping the FairTax on the radar. We all know it is a huge part of the solution. I salute the leaders here. Thank you for your efforts that we will all benefit from.

But what else can we do? How do we support the cause, weaken the enemy, and strengthen ourselves and our altruistic movements when we may not have the time and/or money to contribute?

I have come to the conclusion that ANYTHING BIG Money is to be avoided. Well funded candidates are compromised. BIG Corporations are corrupt… perhaps not the individuals within the BIG Corporations but certainly the leaders…

The time has come to

1. vote with our wallets in addition to casting our ballots

2. strengthen ourselves and our movements

3. weaken our enemies financially

4. take control of our lives and our world.

Consider all of the overhead and profit in the supply/distribution chain of everything we consume… This is where we hit them!

Most of us have heard about Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and/or direct marketing and/or and/or referral marketing and/or community marketing… but few of us have consider it as a way to weaken BIG Money special interests… You see, when you go direct to a supplier via someone who refers a product or service you are cutting out a ton of profit and overhead that feeds a corrupt system. Squeeze the finances of those lobbying for special treatment and you get less of the undesired special treatment. We also make ourselves (and our friends, family, etc.) stronger financially and, in all but very rare occasions, end up with better quality products and services than we can acquire via traditional means.

The concepts that are out there are amazing too! As an example, my wife is involved with Organic Acres where members lease their own organic garden (120 or 240 square feet), choose what to have planted and grown by the expert gardeners, and then ship the harvested tasty nutritious organic vegetables from the garden directly to their front door. This cuts out the entire distribution chain (and ton of profit and overhead) and puts in direct control of our food supply (i.e. making us less dependent on “the system”). Part of the savings gets fed back into this community marketing system which means that those who refer new members get a steady flow of income from helping others get involved. Go to http://takingcontrolofourlives.ning.com/group/gardens for more information on this particular concept and, yes, my wife would get referral credit if you sign up under her… but wouldn’t you rather receive better value and have an ethical patriot benefit vs. benefit corrupt BIG agra system?

There are numerous other examples of direct marketing that bring products and services that we already consume every day to us that strengthen the ethical among us while weakening the corrupt.

Keep up the fight on all fronts and let’s take our country (and our world) back.



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