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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

If you haven't already done so, I'd highly recommend that you purchase the audio book, The Fair Tax by Rep. John Lender and Neal Boortz. I knew little or nothing about the fair tax except what I'd read on the web. After having listened to the audio book, I very much understand that this is the most earth shaking bill that has ever been placed before the Congress of the United States. I believe that every person that desires to know more about The Fair Tax read or listen to this book. It's really great. It also contains great ammunition to use against detractors.

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Clay, you are absolutely right in all you say. Whatever works best for getting the information whether it be audio or the books. If you have not already seen "FairTax: The Truth" it is another great reference to learn the ins-and-outs of FairTax. The real beauty of "FairTax: The Truth" is the fact that it addresses many of the arguments that come up by those that do not understand the concept of FairTax.

I live on Twitter, and it amazes me how many people are either uninformed or illinformed. Instead of trying to answer their questions in 140 characters or less I refer them to the FairTax.org website, and recommend the books. You and I can make a big impact by just getting the word out to as many folks as we can reach. If you feel real ambitious and would like to be an organizer there are many directions on the website to direct you. If you are on Twitter please look me up, I am im2byteme. Welcome to FairTaxNation and I will follow you on Twitter.
I guess it's time for me to learn to twitter! Sometimes it seems there aren't enough hours in a day!
I've read both books.....twice!

You always know when people know what they are talking about and believe what they are saying because their conversation flows, there are no or very few 'umms' and ahhhs' and people pick up on that.

Know your stuff, and educate as many as you can :)
Thanks for the book names, fellas. Good info to pass on.

For me I cannot spend the $. Perhaps you will deign to give a top 10 great points made or what helped you the most.

good work on twitter!
check your local library - they're bound to have at least the first book; if they don't, let me know and I'll donate one!
The book is phenomenal. Michele, do what I did: buy one from Amazon.com. I paid 1.83 for the book and 3.99 for shipping. That's where I'm going to purchase Fair Tax: the Truth from there, as well.

And did I mention that the Fair Tax Book is an easy read? Simply amazing.
There is lots of good info at FairTax.org. From the homepage click on "About the FairTax" then click on "The Basics" then click on "FairTax Talking Points". Also click on "Beyond the Basics" and then click on the "Plain English Summary of the FairTax". Those are the two that I found most useful and informative when discussing the FairTax with others.

I carry several copies of the Talking Points with me when I travel on business to have them available to handout to people I meet. I have given away 4 copies of the book "FairTax-The Truth".
I carry the Thumbnail Sketch and The Tax System is Broken...Together We Can Fix It! I learned the other day that I need to carry a few stickers (mine are small ovals until I can afford to make full size) and some buttons.

I wear my button every time I leave the house, and wouldn't ya know, some guy in the store the other day asked me where I got it and wanted one. I've got to get more made. Mine was a bonus from the last Fair Tax paraphenalia I had made and purchased from a local shop. They got a new printer and she was playing with it and made three buttons; she gave me one and placed two in her display case right on the top shelf. Since the whole display is glass, you can't miss them when you look down to write your check, etc.! I love free advertising!
As one who is familiar with the site and has searched up and down it. Do you find the books add any thing? I have not read either book, but I have read H.R.25 looking for inconsistencies with the site and have not found any. I just assumed all the information is on Fairtax.org especially if you click on the link to the left that says "read more about the Fairtax" which I refer people to often.

You can never learn enough about FairTax and even though the site is very comprehensive there is never anything better than having a book at your fingertips for ready reference. "FairTax: The Truth" is a must read for anyone that wants to promote FairTax because it really does an excellent job at preparing and teaching you a ready response to inevitable questions you or a listening ear may have. When I read FairTax: The Truth I had my big time skeptical reading mind turned way up. I had many mental questions all prepared to cut holes in this new tax plan, but came away after reading it very satisfied that my questions were answered.

Reading H.R. 25 isn't nearly as entertaining as the books, but I think it is essential it be read along with the books. Nothing would be more embarassing while selling the Fairtax to a friend , co-worker, or relative than to be asked if you have read H.R. 25, and you hadn't!

We all can be a help to one another in promoting this. No one is as smart as all of us sharing our knowledge and experiences of the FairTax. Happy reading.

Thanks for your input
Actually, I did. Though I have been all over fairtax.org, I felt as if there may be something I didn't quite get. The Fair Tax Book answered any vague questions or misunderstandings I may have had. I still plan to read the second book. I want to be better able to counter any negative criticisms, though I've gotten pretty good at that for the most part.

This site helps me tremendously with the info shared among us.


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