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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

I just watched a segment on the Bill O'Riley show where a Fox News contributor brought up a point I never considered. The Healthcare Bill is going to cost somewhere between 2 to 2.5 Trillion dollars over a short period of time. The CBO numbers were bogus in order to get the bill "passed". Barrack and his machine know this and have planned for it. AFTER the November elections it is expected that a national sales tax, a VAT, will be proposed and "Passed" (or deemed?) on top of the current income tax in order to pay for the HUGE government entitlement programs created by the Healthcare Bill, the addition of mllions of new citizens via comprehensive Immigration "reform", Cap & Trade and all the other entitlements yet to come. I'm afraid that the FairTax will not have a snowballs chance if a VAT is created on top of the income tax. The silver lining may be that the FairTax will be the obvious choice of taxation AFTER the current machine is dismantled, but I'm afraid this battle is going to get real ugly before we get to that point.

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I think the "imbedded VAT (National Sales Tax) could be an EXCELLENT thing for FairTax supporters because NOW it will put many of those not cosponsoring now "for fear of both" being implemented...will cosponsor FairTax because FairTax will be the BEST option! WE Americans aren't going to go down that easy with a VAT...implement the FairTax & get rid of the IRS w/companion legislation to get rid of the 16th Amendment...Not an option with the VAT, or IRS.

Wooo hooo FairTax to the forefront of EVERY congressional race!
My concern is people are more determined to stop the Unconstitutional, socialist health care act and therefore will concentrate their focus on this and far less on The Fair Tax.
Dan - I understand your concern - but I think that once the people finally understand the amount of additional taxes that will be heaped upon them in order to pay for this monstrous atrocity they will begin to give the FairTax some serious support. As you have pointed out, a VAT is already beginning to surface, but there are also a whole bunch of new and higher taxes included/built into ObamaCare.

The National Taxpayer's Union will be making a presentation at the conference to address this new and increased taxes.
I'm wondering the process that would be used in the event the FT was implemented. Would the 16th Amendment have to be repealed first?
The FT will be passed first and that will repeal the tax code. The repeal of the 16th amendment follows the passage of the FT. However, the FT will "sunset" if the repeal of the 16th amendment is not ratified in the allotted time period of 7 years.
Adding a VAT to the income tax will only accelerate the bankruptcy of the US of A. That will lead to no choice but the FairTax faster. That's my $.02.


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