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I receive a newsletter from Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) by e-mail every couple of weeks or so and was very surprised with his latest. I have written him numerous times about the FairTax and always received a thank you reply that to me sounded a bit aloof although agreeing that tax reform of some kind was needed. Needless to say, this was a welcome surprise.....


"For example, I think we have reached the critical mass needed to move forward with a game-changing idea like fundamentally reforming our nation’s tax laws.  Our current, complex income tax system punishes work and savings, has very high compliance costs, and rewards those special interests and lobbyists who are able to insert tax breaks that just benefit themselves at the expense of everyone else.  This is not fair, and it’s not good for our economy.  That’s why I think we need to consider proposals like the FAIR Tax Act or other tax reforms that would increase the savings and investment needed to fuel economic growth and job creation into the future.  This is an issue I hope to work on with like-minded colleagues in the coming months."


I will reply to this with much enthusiasm and encourage my FairTax friends here to do the same....let him know we appreciate his support.(and that the FairTax is the absolute best Tax Reform there is!!!!)

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He already is listed as a co-sponsor anyway. Of course we are happy of any good news but if he was a co-sponsor already then why would he consider other proposals?
Who knows the mind of career politicians? All I know is the lukewarm aloof response I have always received from him about the FairTax. What I see in this latest newsletter is more of a conviction that the principals of the FairTax are desperately needed. Looks like he is planning to actively bring this up in discussion on Capitol Hill & that is what I'm excited about. Being a co-sponsor means nothing if you aren't fighting for the bill.
At our Watauga County GOP (Boone, NC)connvention last Saturday I presented a FairTax resolution and it passed (unanamously I might add). The resolution calls for the FairTax to be brought to both the House and Senate floors for discussion and vote. The next step is to get it presented to the 5th District convention in April. If it passes there then it will be presented at the state GOP convention. I found it very encouraging. Parties in other states and districts need to do the same. The resolution also encourages all Republican candidates to declare their position on the FairTax. I'm in Virginia Foxx;s district and she has a challenger in the primary. I plan on trying to meet with her and encourage her to take a stand for the FairTax. If she doesn't, I will go to her opponent and do the same. Of course, if a GOOOH candidate makes it to the ballot and they support the FairTax, they have my vote. I had several people come to me afterwards asking questons about the FairTax. There were well over 150 people in attendance.
Rick Woods


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