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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

That would be www.GOOOH.com

I was talking to a gentleman associated with that site named Tim Cox a little while ago. He tells me that something like 80% of the people participating in his endevour are supporters of the FairTax.

I would be interested in hearing some opinions from our members. BTW, he is also a member of FTN.

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This is the conclusion that I have come to as well, not just in terms of Fair Tax, but in terms of anything that the people want. They pushed healthcare through the Senate Finance Committee this week on a straight partisan vote. Since the Republicans don't have the numbers, and our senators don't appear to be listening to the people, what is to stop this bill from passing despite 1 million plus people in Washington DC and all over America, and in town halls and tea parties saying loud and clear that we don't want it? If we cannot get anyone in Congress to listen to the people then they must be replaced one way or another. If they can't hear our voices in 2009, then maybe they will hear our votes in 2010.

In liberty,

Jim, I agree.....let's replace them ALL to send a message to both parties!
and I'll second that!
I'm Community Coordinator for FairTax Dist 2 OK. I've been to every FairTax rally and TEA party within reasonable driving or flying distance including the Midwest Rally in Columbia and the 9.12 march in DC and FT rally at the IRS building the day before.
I've come away thinking each time that the press is not going to cover our efforts and we have no budgets for advertising. We all know we are self-funded and grassroots no matter what liberals say. FairTax members, GOOOH and TEA partyers all have the same goal and we are all self-funded in our missions to succeed.
As long as Charlie Strangle has a rangle-hold on HR296/S25 nothing will happen with FairTax. Where are we getting with the TEA parties? Until we the grassroots create the groundswell of participation we will continue to limp along deliberately ignored by the "powers that be" and that includes the Republican party that is scared to death of we the people succeeding without them. What have they done for us lately?
GOOOH is the catalyst for our success. Instead of looking at GOOOH with skepticism, look again and ask yourself how can this NOT succeed when it is EXACTLY what we've been looking for.
Yes, the GOOOH system should be how we fill every seat in the House. That is what the House of Reps is supposed to be! But with the backing that the Democratic Party has and the Rep's too......So many voters will of course go with their Party Of Choice. How will the GOOOH system be widely known enough that ALL voters will know they do have a better choice and will they trust it? I have heard so many say they ONLY VOTE at Presidential elections! That hurts our country as much or more than the lack of good choices! So many will not take the responsibility serious enough to actually go to the polls. Until we can get enough Americans to WANT TO TAKE OUR HOUSE BACK, we will always struggle.
I do wonder how Rangle can hold back the bill though, he is just the committee chair and only one vote at that! The committee itself must bring it up for discussion and vote on it themselves. Why has this not been done yet? Are there not 2 other members of the H. Ways & Means committee that do support the bill?
"...we have no budgets for advertising. We all know we are self-funded and grassroots no matter what liberals say. FairTax members, GOOOH and TEA partyers all have the same goal and we are all self-funded in our missions to succeed."

and therein lies our problem - AFFT (FairTax.org) has been able to raise $250,000 in a relatively short period of time (and I applaud that); meanwhile, FairTax Nation has a measly $41 to fund all of the activities it hopes to do during the coming 6 to 12 months - and that includes the 2010 Storm the Hill Rally. It is time for us to take a hard look at fund-raising.
Our NC FairTax org has also been trying to raise money. I have struggled as to which I should give to. So far I have given some to both. Not sure which org I should really give to.
I understand your dilemma, and I am not about to tell you how you should allocate these precious resources.

As for me, I waited to see how AFFT would fair without my small contribution - and it looks to me they have done well.

I think if one takes time to examine all that FairTax Nation has managed to accomplish during its short history (read Marilyn's blog), they would be amazed at how much we were able to do with so few contributions.

I eagerly await the details of AFFT's plans to take the FairTax to Victory. Meanwhile, in my own opinion, FTN needs all of the financial help it can get - if for no other reason than to back up AFFT.
I feel that our state has been not fairing so well not only in funds but in it's membership and organization. I say this because i have tried to contact district coordinators offering help but to no avail.

Do you know if the AFFT's recent funding has been with the help of the FT toolbar?

I also listed an item on my web site offering $5 of each purchase to go to FTN but has not done well at all. It has had a lot of looks but only 1 purchase to date.

I will do what I can to help.
By the way, I joined GOOOH several weeks ago. I hope that it goes well foe pushing FT. I am a member of TEA Party Nation as well but am disappointed that they are not so strong on supporting HR25.
> One thing that would help would be for GOOOH to put a link to FTN and AFFT. We give them support, they should help us out in return!

Per your request, I contacted Tim this morning, and links to both Fair Tax Nation and Fairtax.org have been added on the Recommended Links page on the GOOOH website.

In liberty,

Jim L.,

I got the GOOOH book you've sent and am trying to read it when I have a few minutes to spare.


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