Fair Tax Nation

Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25 and S 18

FairTax will be part of it's platform along with term limits.

What do you folks think of this?

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Dear Wayne,

First, a little about me - I was a registered Democrat through the end of Reagan's first term; then I saw the writing on the wall. I am proud to say that I have been a conservative ever since.

The problem with the Republican party today is its too busy trying to look like the Democrat party, especially with the RINOs as you mentioned. In my honest opinion, I think a new party would serve a necessary purpose of sending a message to Washington of "neither of the above". I don't think it would make a beans worth of difference in giving the Dems more power since the Republican party appears ready to hand it to them anyway.

A third party, viable or not, will at least send a message from the American people to those already in power - "We're not going to take this any more" - whether or not that is standing still, sitting down or what have you. The American people, with whom the true power of government lies, are fed up with both parties and are looking for an alternative.

With all due respect sir, it is not your call to declare another party "dead on arrival" - but rather the American people themselves. It is up to us "We the People" to decide the course of our history - I happen to like what I see in the recent course of events and will gladly support another party if for no other reason than to shake up the other ones.

I did not mean to imply that a 3rd party would be DOA, what I am saying is like others have commented here, it tends to fracture the vote. I am not discouraging anyone from joining a third party but there is an element of our population that only look for an R or D beside the name and could care less what the candidate stands for.

With this type of blind loyalty, even with the growing number of people who are sick of the current parties, it would be hard to get enough traction to be considered as more than a fringe party.

In my recent research into the FairTax I have read many people characterizing FairTax supporters as "cult like", this is an unfair characterization. Even people who are convinced that we need to change the tax system look down on both the FairTax and the Flat Tax.

Look at what happened when Bush and Perot went head to head.

I am fed up with the Republicans too, that is why I capitalize CONSERVATIVE before Republican.

"...these are the best of times and the worst of times..."

I have to agree with you, and the many others, that a 3rd party will most definitely "fracture" the vote and I have to ask "So what?". Take a look around you and you will most likely see our country crumbling before your eyes, headed on the road of ruin. Am I supposed to believe that the sheer mention of the name of "conservatism" or even "Republican" will pull us back from the edge of the abyss that we are headed for? I think not.

Now, stop and listen - do you not hear the voices of dissent swelling all around us? I honestly believe that the next 15 months or so will prove to be critical in the survival of our country and I still trust the American people to do whatever is necessary that it does.

Like it or not, for good or not, the time is ripe for another political party. Will it split the vote? Yes, most certainly. Will that be a good thing? Maybe, maybe not - only time will tell. I'm hoping it will attract enough of attention between the other major parties to make them know it will not be "business as usual".

Please don't get me wrong. I am not some kind of far right-wing radical, just another average "Joe" who is not happy with the status quo. I wish you all the best in your quest for the WA Senate seat.
It's the only way to go. We can either keep beating our heads against the wall trying to get our self serving politicians to agree to be co-sponsors (which really doesn't make them accountable in the end but I will keep doing it if that is what it takes for now) or we can just initiate a viable action plan to replace them all with American citizens who support the FairTax, term limits, and other constitutional principles. Visit www.goooh.com for one great idea.
I was in SC last night talking about GOOOH to a group of Patriotic Resistance members. That very posture was presented to me. He said GOOOH (thinking it was a third party movement, which it isn't) would split the Republican vote and put a Democrat in. The resounding response from me was, "So what!" That group, sadly, is still trying to beat life into the Republican party there, thinking they can find Republicans who will listen to them. Too many people are still asleep. Wayne is right. We are way past worrying about this party or that. We must take a different road altogether. What we are planning in our district in NC is to put candidates up against every elected official who is up for re-election in 2010. Using the GOOOH system of the 100 questions, I will run against our Democratic states senator in the primary. Yes, I must become a Democrat to do this. But it MUST be done. We will also run a Republican in the primary. We will not be supported nor adhere to either party's philosophy, but we will have an excellent chance of replacing politicians with public servants. BTW we will also be putting a GOOOH candidate up against our Federal Representative, Heath Shuler. We all support the Fair Tax among other things, like bringing the Constitution back. If everyone does this across the country, it will become shock and awe to the incumbents and we will have a real chance without worrying about party affiliations.
I like the goooh thing. I think I will support that effort as well.
I love what you're saying Larry. Please let me know, a fellow North Carolinian, what I can do for you. I know I can offer you free advertising on my website, and thereby giving you exposure through our sponsorships and National radio presence to over a million conservative people over the next 60 days.

Would that help? Let me know.

Being that I'm the one who started this conversation... Should I assume you are "yak yak yaking" at me?
It's time that we got back to a citizen government, not this pseudo-royalty, oligarchy that we have going now. Pulling from the same powerful families doesn't really provide fertile ground for new ideas or pragmatic thinking.

When your only job has been a politician living most of your life in D.C., you are going to be out of touch. It's time for people who have real jobs and live real lives to step up to the plate (and yes, I have thought about running for office myself).

It's also time for term limits to give others a chance.
Well, most Americans are either moderate or conservative, and very tired of the 2 main parties. I'm a Libertarian myself. Never been a Republican or a Democrat. I love my party, but would at least help a new party that opposes the same ol same ol.
I wish we would put out a candidate that's more than a Bob Barr... Someone who will actually WIN.
I would be thrilled if the Libertarian Party put forth some viable candidates that we could really get behind. I am sick of both parties.


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