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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

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Thanx, Jennifer. I'll definitely have a need.
We purchased our first set of FairTax banners to use as a backdrop for our booths! The cost was $696.56. (Marilyn)
Carol C in OK wanted to see this so I'm bumping it to the top.
Oh watch out for Carol.....she's a spitfire ;)

I do love the banners......REALLY nice.
OKFairTax just has the white and red 'FairTax' banner which gets a lot of attention......can't imagine what a banner like this would do for our booth at events.
They are only good for indoor events. I tried using them outdoors and it was a total disaster!
THESE ARE AWESOME....way to go and I like the new changes!
Nice!!! I want it. Recommend the changes regarding the "whole paycheck" wording so as to be clearer.
After hours, I can plot them out so long as they're not more than 24 inches wide, each. My laminator at home will plastic coat them. Where can I get the high res .jpg files? Email to p_burgener@yahoo.com, please.


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