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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25 and S 18

A new website, www.billybarepockets.com has been launched. The website is dedicated to helping conservative candidates (not just republican) get elected. One issue that Billy specifically focuses on is the candidate's thoughts on taxation, particularly if they will support the Fair Tax initiative.

Please take a moment to visit the site and show your support for what these folks are trying to do for all of us.

You can also look forward to hearing Billy on Nation wide radio networks very soon talking about the very issues that are important to all of us.

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Hello Rodney,

Good Luck with your new website. At some point, our voice will drown out the unfortunate crowd who do not understand liberty.

I would like to point out something that may be of interest.

I am 100% in favor of Fair Tax and also 100% in favor of the eliminating the income tax in my State of NJ. I am also a strong crusader for small government and I do not support baby killing. Our ideals are probably close to the same on other issues. However, I am not a "Conservative".

"Conservative" is part of a left/right paradigm. There are no Democratic Conservatives. All Conservatives who I know are Republican. That leaves out people like myself who are interested in freedom but not partisanship.

In my case, I am with you. However, the only reason for posting this is because there are some supporters of Fair Tax who can help improve America, just as you want, but who might not like the label of "Conservative". I know, it is a play on Semantics... but I have had people walk away from me due to misunderstood labels.
There are "conservative" thinking Democrats. Ther are called "Blue Dog Democrats"

In any case, I am against tying the Fair Tax to either party in any way. Conservative is not a way to describe the Fair Tax. We must get EVERYONE on board in order to bring this about. After the Fair Tax, there will still be Conservative and Liberal voters and Politicians. But the Fair Tax is not considered either. It is Tax Reform that America needs!
Hi Randy, and thank you for your comment. I understand your thoughts on the word conservative. There was another post saying pretty much the same thing. As I told him, I don't care what I'm called or the organization is referred to as just so long as we don't compromise our ideals.

I would really like it if you could offer another word to replace the word conservative. I'll happily change the word if it will cause more people to join us in getting thisngs back on the path of prosperity.

Thanks again for your comment. I really appreciate it.
Thank you so much for your thoughts. What word would you use to describe people like us? I'm open to change semantics, but not willing to compromise ideals.

I am dedicated to helping good people get elected that will represent the true majority of Americans. Fair Tax is definitely one drum that must be beat loud, often, and everywhere we can.

Thank you again for your comment. My email address is rod@decm.org, and I truly would appreciate your thoughts on any other label we can use instead of "conservative".
Ummm - how about "originalist"? (according to my spell-checker, that's not in the dictionary - but neither is "FairTax").

I kind of like the term - but that's just my 2 cents.
I like the track you're on there. Back to our roots, original founders of our Nation, individual responsibility, all in a cohesive organization. These are words that come to my mind when I think of "Originalist".

Is that what you were thinking as well?

What about "Constitutionalist"? That also refers back to the Nation's origin, and no one can dispute the importance of accurate interpretation of this most important document.

I like this type of brainstorming. Thank you for your thoughts. Let's keep this going, and maybe try to include others in the conversation.

Have a wonderful weekend,
Rodney, I like the name Practical for a new party. It would provide an image and target for a politician from all parties to aspire to as he/she governs. Check the definition and thesarsus at www.dictionary.com to see if this word describes the qualities you would like in a politician.
Thank you Wally. That is a great suggestion. We really do want practical people in power, don't we?

I appreciate your help.
Yes, Rod - that is exactly what I was thinking.

The only problem I have with "Constitutionalist" is that it could be confused with the Constitution Party.

The term "Originalist" has been used frequently recently to describe Supreme Court justices and how they might rule on cases before the Court - deciding cases pretty much by strict adherence to what is in the Constitution. The term, therefore, could be expanded to "Constitutional Originalist" - but that's kind of long.

I don't believe the current nominee is an "Originalist".
Thanks Sean. I didn't think about the Constitutionalist party.
My nomination for a new "ism" or "ist" if we really must have one, is traditionalist. The only problem is that the tune from Fiddler on the Roof keeps popping into my head. What we need in this country is a GET REAL Party, made up of practical (pragmatic) people. The first plank of the platform would be the FAIRTAX. OK, I don't really believe a third party is the answer. I suffered through 8 years as an activist with Perot. Totally surreal the way that one turned out. The point FairTaxers can take from the Reform Party experience, is that Perot had a major impact on the policy direction in the Clinton administration. Perhaps we can have a similar effect by working with both parties, and save ourselves the pain and suffering of a third party.

It is interesting to watch the Tea Party movement feeling its way to an identity while eschewing both political parties. They are hard bitten conservatives alright, but totally fed up with the elitist DC attitudes.
I attended a tea party on the Eastern Shore of Virginia last week. While there many people referred to our late great President Ronald Reagan. His words echoed as a rallying call for everyone who could hear them.

With this inspiration, I thought the perfect label for us would be "Reaganites".

What are your thoughts on that one?


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