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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Congressman John Linder has introduced the FairTax, HR 25, into the 11th Congress with 34 cosponsors. We need 100 cosponsors. We need a plan...

Marilyn Rickert

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How does he define stronger?
The explanation of why Davis did not cosponsor the FairTax bill went something like this:

Once a Congressman is elected to office, he has to keep the people who put him in office happy. If they are not happy, they will support someone to run against him in the primary and/or work to elect someone else who will make them happy.

FairTax needs to be a strong enough organization so that our Congressmen will feel the need to support the FairTax to make us happy.

We need some sort of publicity stunt, a 21st century Boston Tea Party. Instead of dumping tea into the ocean we can have a huge event shredding tax forms. Have an event like this in each state to increase awareness of the FairTax.
I like the way you think! Keep the ideas coming...

Ms. Rickert

This is my first blog post on this sight. Seems very, very new.

Jim Anderson Stivers
We decided to try this format because it can link FairTaxers from across the nation, and yes the world. (We have some members living outside the US) Yet this technology is as easy to use as sending an email. Please feel free to explore the site.

I would encorage everyone to join their state group, for KY that would be:

Our current project on the state group sites is to update our leadership lists. Check it out and see if you find any mistakes.

Please call me Marilyn, as the saying goes "just don't call me late for supper".

I am from the Dayton area of Ohio. We carry signs at the Post Office on April 15th and hand out printed material. It is fun to see the thumbs up and interesting to see the people that walk by us as tho we do not exist. We tried to get the papers to photograph us the first year; but some how their cameras did not see us; even tho there were probably 20 or more FairTax volunteers with shirts, hats and/or signs. It didn't stop us; last year we were at 3 or more post offices in the area.
WE have had the same problem and so I am thinking it is time to go and do the same thing in front of their stations and see if that will get their attention....
I asked in another forum, do you have to have a permit. What are the rules in protesting in front of a governement facility?
I have been using the phrase 21st BOSTON TEA PARTY for months now...I'm liking the shredding thing! We should go get a stack of them now and have them ready for the DATE!!!
Reminds me of women burning their bras in the 60's. Of course, I never really understood that one...
I believe if we are going to get our state on board with the Fair Tax then it is going to require us Fairtax supporters to go door to door and drop off the Its time DVD along with information for people to read. We have to used direct marketing and get the DVD and material into their home. I am going to do a experiment. Starting March 1st I am going to hit 3000 homes with these materials. My goal is to aquire this material before March and have it ready to deliver. It will be a experiment to see if this works. I personally believe it will. After the material is deliever I will then do a town hall meeting with the people that I deliver it to. Hopefully the response will be great. We have to treat this like a Presidental Campaign. We cannot afford any longer to sit and hope the people will just somehow aquire this knowledge. The only way to get this going is by getting out their and getting it to the people.
Jim Kenny DD for the 16th district
Canton, Ohio


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