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Article"Sweden Cuts Taxes To Boost Economy" by the rightperspective.org

"Sweden’s center-right government has announced a series of tax cuts in an effort to stimulate its flagging economy and produce more jobs.

Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt and his four-party coalition said the reduction means most wage earners would get 200 – 250 kronor (20 to 25 euros, 29 to 36 dollars) more in take-home pay every month.

“The coalition government has agreed on reforms for jobs and entrepreneurialism that will increase employment in the long-term. It has to be more profitable to work and more companies should be able to hire employees,” the government said.

The international economic crisis has caused Swedish unemployment to rise from 5.7 percent in August 2006 to 8.0 percent in August 2009.

Since taking power in 2006, the center-right coalition has implemented measures to get citizens off state subsidies and into the work force."


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'the center-right coalition has implemented measures to get citizens off state subsidies and into the work force."'

...well at least someone is doing it right :)
What a concept! Liberals have no clue.
> I just read in the Daily Phennig that France is cutting business taxes too.
do you have a link?
This is awesome! Sweden is taking a huge step in the right direction and America should pay attention and follow suit!

Swedish Government Adds to Tax Cuts in Election Year

By Johan Carlstrom

Sept. 19 (Bloomberg) -- "Sweden’s government will lower income taxes for a fourth consecutive year in 2010 to get more people to take jobs and boost the economy, which slipped into its first recession since 1992 last year."


Sarkozy Promises Tax Cuts 06/02/09
So why does our government want to get MORE people depending on fed upkeep?
It seems that we have the best designed government but too many career politicians holding office instead of American People.

I truly am tired of the excuses that our politicians use to de-fuse the Fair Tax! We are not as dumb as they think we are!


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