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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Neal Boortz talked about it the other day, about what would happen if the Republican Party made the Fair Tax the headline of it's campaigns. What do you think? I think ANY party taking up the Fair Tax like that would be a win-win. I am just posting this off the cuff, because I have been thinking about it.

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When I give people information on FairTax I'm met with approval from everyone. Interest is high. With that increased interest it seems a huge benefactor would be the face of FairTax during the last presidential campaign, none other than Mike Huckabee. His campaign would compliment anyone else running for congress with FairTax as the headline. He'll sign the legislation when it passes. We need to ensure everyone possible is armed with the facts about this gem and elect legislators who will support it. But we have to be careful of those who would claim support and deceitfully ride this wave of enthusiasm just to be elected. Could that happen? Well, this is politics. We have to use wisdom and good judgement when voting.
An interesting thought to say the least, and I am sure it would garner a lot of support.

But, (and I know this may sound at least a little wacky) what if the Democratic party all of a sudden decided to get behind this? I know, I know - it is not very likely, but the Dems will take on any cause that they think will help maintain their grip on power (my apologies to all of our Democrat friends).

I think we need to keep in mind that this is not an issue restricted to just Republicans but rather to all Americans.
I agree Sean.
We need both parties to accept this bill. If one opposes it, then we will forever be fighting for passage. There must be a good amount of support from both sides in order to get it passed.

The facts are many that the Dems should support the Fair Tax. It is not just a Rep favored bill.
Democratic party leadership has already asked for tax reform identical to the FairTax back in 2004.

The fact they demanded it and then dropped it once they got in the majority just goes to show how broken the parties are.

Ask those Republicans running for the senate and congress what they think of the FairTax. If they are pro...ask why is it not the foundation of their campaign?

It would be a ripple in the pond of government and the economy which is what America wants!!
FAIRTAX 2010 & 2012...Endorse it or _____ won't be endorsed!!! I know that is the FIRST of my list of who I'd consider voting for! They won't even get a second glance from me if at the federal level the are not willing to pledge to co-sponsor the legislation if they get elected! At my state level I make sure the person will vote YES to repeal the 16th Amendment!

WE the PEOPLE can get loud enough regardless of party, but INDEED any party who endorses it or candidate will make great strides in their election process...shoot is did WONDERS for Fmr. Gov. Huckabee and that was before all the bailouts, government take overs and the like!!

Gooo FairTax A WIN/WIN for EVERY AMERICAN!! How's that for a slogan?

FAIRTAX...a mainstreet Stimulus we can believe in! (Add up the FICA, Medicare and Federal Withholding taken out of your check...it will be put back in under the passing of the FairTax.)

FairTax the true tax reform!
The Republican (and Democrats), need all of America to abandon them as they have abandoned us.

The problems we have in this country are because of the 2 party system that we have to elect our "representatives" in all levels of government. These 2 groups have duped us into believing there are only 2 solutions to every issue that we face. As most people know there are multiple solutions that can be used to address our issues.

The problem with both groups is they must listen to "their" leadership. Otherwise, they won't be "allowed" to sit on the various committees and/or sub-committees. They can say anything they want on the campaign trail. However, when they get in they must get in line or else.

We need to be able to look past a candidates "party affiliation" and vote for a candidate and what they stand for (and against) not against someone because of party affiliation. Until this happens we will continue to send the same politicians to public office.
But you said it yourself.....once elected they will fall in line with the Party Leadership! I am one who agrees with term limits as well, but it is the 2 party power struggle with each other that has left the Real Americans hurting! If we could possibly get more Dems on board with Tax Reform (Fair Tax) then the power struggles between the 2 parties will not hurt us as much. They will be exposed and can't fight over taxes and using the "code" to punish us.

You do have it pegged well but we never have the candidates that we can trust not to fall in the same trap of following Party Lines.
All of the comments are great!

Now, what do you all think about this strategy?...

I think the first thing we need to do is as Neal says, get the Republicans on board and make them put the FairTax on the party platform, maybe as part of a new "contract with America".

Of course, once that happens, the battle begins. The question is whether the Democrats will come out in force against the FairTax or will finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and understand that this is what the American people really want. Given my previous comment about how the Democratic party would desire to remain in power, I personally have to believe that many of them would begin supporting the FairTax. Ok, perhaps a bit far-fetched, but not impossible.

Just imagine the possibilities.
Our problem with the Dems is that they believe that everyone should NOT pay the same percentage of tax. The Fair Tax is the SAME percentage! I find it hard at times to get people to understand that the higher income folks WILL pay more taxes even if the percentage is the same!
More importantly....if there is NO tax on ANY income! then their thinking is no longer relevant!

Taxes will (under the Fair Tax) be paid based on cunsumption and not income!
The Dems should be all for the Fair Tax because it is "re-distribution of wealth"
The Reps should support the Fair Tax because it removes taxes on small businesses and is in fact "the same percentage for all"

An excellent statement of the facts!

When it comes down to the "brass tacks" there are nothing less than good reasons for either party to support the FairTax.

And I have to agree it is difficult to get people to understand how the "rich" will actually pay more taxes based solely on their spending patterns.

Hope you and yours are doing well. - Regards
Thanks for asking Sean, we are doing well, but I closed one of my stores last month.

On the tax issue...I try to tell those who seem "to not get it"....that the poor and the seniors are always "thrifty" at best when it comes to spending! So they will pay less taxes even without the pre-bate. The wealthy will never be "thrifty", it is not their nature to use coupons and shop for hours to find a better deal. They will pay more taxes than I ever will under the Fair Tax!

I do wish we could get going strong on the non-partisan stance and hopefully gain more support from Dems. I fear that the higher percentage Rep support will in itself keep the dems away just because they will choose to dis-agree with Reps.

Hope you are well also
We are well Randy, thank you.

Sorry to hear you closed one of your stores, but I'm sure you did what you thought best.

We are managing to keep our heads above water - sales are down but so are our expenses. We are just a tiny bit ahead of last year.

Meanwhile, as usual, your analysis is right on. I've just got to believe that once the wealthy no longer have to spend money on professional fees (lawyers and accountants) just to shield themselves from the IRS they most likely will spend that money on things they would like to have - thereby paying more in taxes.

As far as the non-partisan thing goes, we have a lot of work to do.


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